Who would you see put up against a wall and shot....

Too few houses and too much SCUM - so, what person/type of persons would you see put up against a wall and shot?

To get the ball rolling: Double glazing salesperson who put pressure on OAPs to buy their PVC tat!

1, Chavs.

2, People of any denomination who knock on my door and force their religion onto me.

3, Those two fat f***s who served schoolkids hamburgers etc in protest of Jamie Oliver's healthy school dinners campaign.

4, Jamie Oliver. Crypto toff cnut.

5, Nonces, rapists, muderers, tabloid jouno's.

That'll do for me, cheers.
Gorgeous George.
The Labour party, the Lib Dems...

Fcuk it, just about any political party with the sole exception of the ARRSE Party who are about to form and take over the Government on behalf of Her Majesty.
Anyone who uses own brand sauce on Egg Banjo’s, Oh and fecking marmite eaters full stop :D
My local council, they are a bottomless money pit and are shite. Instead of being shot they should be drowned in a vat of Marmite.
sorry, forgot, cheshire soldire/regt/mong or what ever he calls himself these days
SCHs who join ARRSE one minute, and are immediately into to chat the next, trawling for the next victim.
Geordie_Blerk said:
Do you fancy a four fingered recce?
Do you like the thoughts of your fingers swimming in the congealed glue of many many men..... and punchy papa lazarou
wessex_warrior said:
waste of good Marmite. The marmite it would take to drown a whoile town council could instead be used make 10,000,000 marmite egg banjoes. Or be injected into Tony Blairs * until he explodes
At last! A use of marmite I can concure with (only ref Tony B tho 8) )!
People who come out with the same old boring lines in the threads, and think that every single one of them is hysterical.