Who would you put on a US banknote?

I had an interesting conversation with a number of US Military colleagues earlier this week. Whilst talking about money and our respective currencies in general, I posed the following question; if the US government were to change the design of its banknotes and print the images of famous Americans on the opposite side to the former presidents, who would you pick and why?

We came up with the following selection criteria:

1. Candidates must have been dead for at least 50 years in order to ensure that they have achieved enduring fame.
2. No other former presidents are eligible for inclusion as this particular office is already represented on US banknotes.

After a good deal of discussion and arguement we came up with the following candidates:

Henry Ford
Thomas Edison
Eleanor Roosevelt
James Fennimore Cooper
Mark Twain
Gen George C Marshall
Lewis and Clarke

So, the question is; who would you pick and why?


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As one of the criteria for inclusion appears to be that the person is dead, may I suggest:

Hiliary Clinton :D

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