Who would you pick as a leadership role model and why?

Hmmm. Doctor Who? because who wouldn't follow him...

No serious question, in case it comes up in the briefing. I've been thinking Lord Wellington, Napoleonic era, reformed the army etc etc or Mandela for obvious reasons... Churchill, not very original... any thoughts would be appreciated!
Robert the Bruce. :worship:

Pragmatic to the point of utter ruthlessness, but never pointlessly cruel or sadistic. Both intelligent and cunning. An exceptional hand to hand combatant who could also lead everything from small groups of guerilla fighters on hit and run raids, to whole armies in open battle.

'Nuff said. 8)
I think the Mandela/Churchill thing is a bit of a cliche really. Not neccessarily saying they aren't worthy of being mentioned; but it just seems like a stock answer to that sort of leadership style/hero question given in an interview type scenario.

I'm also not sure why the need to pre plan answers to these sort of questions before the event with others. Obviously you want to think through what might be asked beforehand, but the question will be about what you believe, not what the collective membership of Arrse believes.

Anyway, my choice would be King Oscar II of Sweden. Switched-on enough man not to go to war with Norway in 1905 when it was all looking a bit hairy, big enough man to put the loss of the personal union behind him and re-establish better relations with the Norwegians before he checked out a couple of years later.
Scipio Africanus, a man who realised that you can win by not fighting when offered and conversely Hannibal who lead his men and won until he met Africanus.
Temujin of the Wolves. Overcame an unfortunate start in life, united several different factions, proved himself to be tactically astute, conquered vast swathes of land, and is remembered throughout the world many centuries later.
Sir John Stevens, one of the few senior police officers who understood the ground floor and could talk to us on our level. To this day if I have a problem I wonder what he would want me to do to fix it.

The police thinks its a business now, something I find depressing.

Try Wilhelm Bittrich - what little I've read about him makes him seem worth a look, despite the fact that he was SS.

However, I'll stick with Top Cat.
Possibly controversially, Mandela, Adams, Paisley, Ho, Mugabe, Mao. Charisma seems to be a top trait amongst the most vile of people which makes them far more effective leaders than any other lesser attribute (such as military competence, intellect or niceness).

It's all very well getting academic about the situational or organisational models, but it's all about making the swine do what you tell them. MacGuinness hasn't had any problem there.


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Lord Nelson. For the time came from a humble background. Womaniser and all round maverick. But as a leader with out equal (well not true - would go with Field Marshall Slim and me) who cared for his men, who understood that aggression was vital to win and trusted his men. He would outline a plan and expect his Captains to fulfil it with little intervention from him.

And he beat the French, which I am sure you will agree should always be a benchmark in success.
Unfortunately beating the french is rather like beating an egg, everyone has done it, even their rather noisy lederhosen clad neighbours and the italians.
King Henry IV for giving the uppity colonials a slap.
As mentioned above Slim

Took over a thoroughly demoralised army that had its arrse kicked across Burma and completely turned it around with this type of attitude:

Then Slim relates at one critical point in the retreat in a jungle clearing he came across a unit which was in a bad way. "I took one look at them and thought "My God, they’re worse than I supposed." then I saw why. I walked round the corner of that clearing and I saw officers making themselves a bivouac. They were just as exhausted as their men, but that isn’t my point. Officers are there to lead. I tell you, therefore, as officers, that you will neither eat, nor drink, nor sleep, nor smoke, nor even sit down until you have personally seen that your men have done those things. If you will do this for them, they will follow you to the end of the world. And, if you do not, I will break you."

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