Who would you most like to be providing YOU with CAS?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Sep 23, 2006.

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  1. The RAF

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  2. The USAF

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  3. USMC - Marines first, pilots second

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  4. USN - erm, sailors in planes

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  5. Other

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  1. Following on from the RAF thread - fixed wing only.
  2. I'd rather have the poorest Cranwell Escapee piloting overhead, than some of our most illustrious self medicating colleagues from abroad humming Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds while fingering a trigger within 10Ks of my boys.
  3. RAF can’t do CAS ‘cos they never practice and don’t have the aircraft for it. This is because they have never considered it remotely Gucci, dropping little bombs where the Brown Jobs ask them to.

    The USMC use Marines – a pilot will have commanded a Rifle Pl. The USMC aviation is for CAS and they are very good. In TELIC Sea Cobras would land, the commander would dap over to the Brit ground commander for a brief, then he’d mount back up and do the biz. The RAF have kept focussed on a war which never happened and probabley never will.
  4. I voted for Crab Air (as I will be flying long distance with them soon - hopefully this will guarantee me a good seat on their new widebodied plane!!!).

    Trouble is - will they be there for us when we need them 7 or is it 8 Harriers now don't spread themselves too far....now what was it I read in a Defence Debate a few years ago when Soames said when he was Shadow Defence Minister something along the lines of - it doesn't matter how good the platform is if there are not enough of them to go around?
  5. Possibly true, but we're talking about vastly diffeing scales of forces. The USMC has more air assets than the entire RAF.

    There are no problems that cannot be fixed with time and resources.... hows about flying hours for starters... and maybe one less private jet for Bliar?... how about cutting the odd fact finding tour to the bahama's....
  7. Personally I'd prefer USMC because the sole raison d'etre of their air arm is to support the grunts on the ground. All the other services have different priorities and regard doing CAS like a red-haired step-child.
  8. The RAF have been "practicing CAS" for 2 years in Afg now.
  9. I remember the boys in blue doing a grand job on Granby, taking out the runways in Iraq, at no small risk (or loss) to themselves...
  10. I'd like The Mysterons.
  11. That's hardly CAS though, is it?
  12. USMC MAW's Fixed or Rotary wing would be my hope, USAF A-10's in My Nightmares, Great Plane, Lousy Pilots.
  13. Couldn't give a sh*t if it's the Royal Mauritius Air Force as long as they arrive relatively quickly after I ask for them, hit the nasty men shooting at me and don't hit me while they're doing it.
  14. Maybe not... however... they did put their balls on the line and delivered what was required, and at no inconsiderable loss.

    Without runways... they had no air superiority...or air anything for that matter, and if my memory serves the Iraqi pilots all did one to Iran...
  15. Just the sight of the two spotlight thingies playing over them would make the bad guys run away.