Who would you kill and how would you do it?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_eiger, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. Very simple.

    Noel Edmonds. Chemical Fire.
  2. you got me with boredom.
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  3. Cool story bro'.

    Go lick a battery then you disgusting little keyboard hero.
  4. You

    With a harsh font and capital letters.
  5. Bugsy, with cross-border fire from an SLR.
  6. OP with 3,000,000Xfastfoward soil erosion.
  7. Vernon Kay hate that smug faced "I couldn't be any more Northern if I tried even harder" wanker!!!

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  8. Oh with a blunt chisel, I forgot to mention.

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  9. Peaches Geldof, broken bottle smeared with dogshit up her cervix. If I was feeling benevolent I'd dry bum her first.
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  10. llech.. drowned in a cum bath (Cymru am byth)
  11. I'm game!
  12. Dr Black, in the billiard room, with the spanner
  13. Christ Evans. Horrible self important ginger four eyed weasel faced cunt by beating him to death Kerry Katona! Two birds with one stone.

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  14. the_ eiger

    I'd drop a ton of search function buttons on his lazy fucking swede.
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  15. I have 2 people in my mind, and i'm looking forward to the day when the government allow me to do so.

    1. Kerry Katona - mother of the year, iceland, coked up scouse bint. i'd shoot her in the face with a shotgun.

    2. Danny Dyer - COCKney wanker. i'd strech him out to the crucifix on a hard surface, and with a 20lb sledge hammer, smash his entire body to a pulp, starting at the hands and feet and working, until finally going to work on his annoying face.

    There, i feel alot better getting that of my chest!