who would you have run the country?


in a lot of recent threads there seems to have been a lot of respect for maggie (although i expect theres a lot of dislike not voiced to)

got me thinking when blair goes whoes the alternative. i wouldnt want any of them. The only political figures that i sont despise with a passion are out the picture. Wouldnt mind paddy ashdown... hague might even have done a decent job as a pm now he's a few yeares and some more experience behind his career. but here are to my mind no worthy current candidates.
Mrs. Thatcher ! However, as she is probably too busy, then Mr. Cameron. I agree that Mr. Hague would have been a 'good bet' and maybe his time will come again - he is bl*ody bright, unlike the third rate spiv we have now.

Come to think of it, General Dannatt might be good news.


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I think 'Hague' could do it however, most political figures are now so untrusted and dispised i dont see him wishing too put the torys back into the fray of an leadership policy war on the cusp of liabours coup de brown.

I honestly dont think anyone with any sense realy would want too throw there hat in the ring also because of the mess that has been made by liabour.
Someone with big tits. Fed up watching PM questions with them ugly faces on show. Beckett and Hewitt - yuk yuk
If Blair leaves, we get Brown. It's a lose lose situation but I'd rather have Blair than Brown! Given the choice, Thatcher. She's the best we had for decades and I suspect we won't have any better in the next few decades either.
My dad- got all my views from him, only hes done his 20 odd years military service, I haven't (yet)
Watch out for Michael Gove [Radio 4 "Moral Maze" etc.] ... newbie, but a massive brain, nice personality, doesn't wear baseball caps or cycle to work. :wink:

Otherwise ... I'll do it for a year or two. No more, I want to enjoy my retirement.
Jeremy Clarkson!
I figure slap Arnie into the mix...may aswell go the whole hog & perish with amusement...hmm maybe not the best idea...ok well miss vordemon will do i guess...its all a numbers game anyways right... :wink: i hope she is a miss...i wonder...always assumed she was banging whitely...so miss it must be... :roll:
I was quite for Cameron, until he sh*t on Patrick Mercer and showed his spineless PC knee jerk attitude.
Why not one of those rough, tough, don't give a fcuk what people think Iranians?


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Lose, lose situation. Its Brown for a few years..probably..then either him or cameron.Not the greatest options...maybe David Davis would have done ok, even Michael Howard when he was head of Conservatives.

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