Who would you go to war with!?

If you could pick a perfect buddy for the field who would it be and why?

I'd have Angelina Jolie

nuff said really....

or my mum, she could sort out my admin for me
Six hundred Gurkhas and 7RHA...Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!!
depends who I was fighting but I think i'd take both battalions the royal regiment of meat head fusiliers for sheer unintelligent aggresion and the QRH to provide direct fire support and maybe 19regt ra, then i'd sit on the line of departure and wave 250,000 yanks onwards to glory whilst I sit under a big Unioin jack flag with enough IFF signal going out to seriously endanger the fertility of any american pilots
I'd take jacko, everyone would be so busy trying to slot him they might not notice me :D
It's all about taking a really fat fcuk with you.

He draws fire, acts as a sandbag and you wouldn't feel any guilt about having to casevac him under fire. It's not like you'd be able to carry him anyway...
A bunch of acf wannbees /hasbeens and some otc wannabes .Bound to live
long enough to see one of the muppets die before i do . If i have to die
want to die laughing :lol:
it would have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor of California, cuz if his politics break down he could still destroy any army single handedly (if his movies are anything to go by). he would aslo be abit of a bullet magnet.
and he could take down predator as well at the same time and be home in time for tea and buns
polar69 said:
I'd quite like to take Tony Blair, d'you think he'd come ?
No, can't even go and see Bri casualties in a hospital in UK, let alone real casualties in a war zone. :evil:

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