Who would you drown at birth?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Count.Dracule, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. Another drowning reported on sky:

    Mother Drowns After Being Swept Out To Sea

    Quite a few drownings this year, more than what is normally reported on the news, must be the hot topic.

    Anyway my nomination goes to:

    View Profile: inks - The Army Rumour Service

    Should have been submerged and snuffed out at at first contact, the freeloading twat.

    Oh and apologies for posting a bone thread, hope the attached goes someway to make amends!

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  2. I was expecting to see something interesting. However, this is as about a bone thread as you can get. I'll pop back later to see the direction it's taken.
  3. I should have known that was coming!

    I expect it's a bit like this one, except somehow I don't think I will pop back later.

  4. I always had faith in science and I had high hopes as a member of the generation which saw: nuclear power stations sprout out of the landscape like weeds and the first man playing golf on the moon.

    Sadly now I must conclude that I will probably never get a pair of neutron death-ray spectacles and so the arses of bone thread posters will probably never fry!
  5. Sadly it's time for you to stop taking/snorting/injecting whatever it was that made you think in the first place that you would ever get a pair, by the way Tesla is dead.
  6. At birth we don't know how big a cunt someone's going to be (unless their dad is Tony Fucking Blair) so drowning at birth makes little sense.

    Much better to drown them when they've shown themselves to be a cunt (and before they get a chance to breed).
  7. Really? I'm shocked!
  8. I take it you are going to provide me with a time machine so that I can see who is going to be a total twat, then go back and drown them before they show their true colours.
  9. Unless they are pikeys or French.
  10. Well of course, that would be a flaw in my plan but I am assuming hindsight is in play as we are in the NAAFI.

    If I had a time machine do you think I would have started this post, let alone be here on ARRSE?
  11. Tesla! dead!?, fuck! I got one of his machines and it,s packed up, what the fuck do I do now that the cunts dead?
  12. The offspring of anyone who looks like this:


    ...rapidly followed by the mongs who sprogged them.

  13. Anybody from heysham. Fucking mongs
  14. Depends. Did you buy it on your credit card?