Who would you ban from entering the Country

Virtually all immigrants.
Anyone who ever said, thought, dreamt, talked in their sleep, written, scrawled on a wall or generally intimated in any way shape or form that they wished to be a British MP.
Piers Morgan.

And Jim Davidson.

Another UKBA bashing thread. We haven't had one them for ages. At least 20 minutes since the least one.

This bloke is basically a snake oil salesman in a similar vein to Jim Shortt. Still not a good enough reason to refuse his entry.
If it's England you mean, I'd ban Alex Salmond.
Not the delightful Polish girls surely?

I saw one in Tescos yesterday and I nearly starched my junior y fronts. Hot hot hot.
Exceptions would be made, decided by an expert panel of perverts/ARRSErs
To be honest, half the cunts who were born here.

Particularly the ones who go to Ibiza. Or those 'gap year' twats.

If it's been sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk then I'm probably pissed.
Everyone - we're full!
So getting rid of people who will do the police's job for them is all good.

Throwing out radical islamics with terror connections is a breach of human rights laws though.

Don't you just love the world we live in. The only people without human rights are those who deserve them.
ALI - G in Da House (2002): Cabinet Meetings - Video
What's the main thing we ain't got enough of in the UK?
We ain't got enough fit women.
And we's got too many mingers.

No offence, Karen.
So we let in all the fit refugees and turn away the rank ones.
Then we solve both problems.

We is knobbing two birds with one connie.

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