Who would want to be a Priest?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by edd1989, Sep 12, 2010.

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  1. I saw this artical and found it too irresistable to leave off arrse.

    BBC News - Papal visit: Who would want to be a priest?

    Not exactly doing Catholicism a favour, albeit said innocently.

    Although I don't agree with religion and find living a celibate life an unnatural, and arguably unhealthy, way for the 21st century, I do find sympathy for many priests.

    They do believe what they believe sincerely, and from my experience work hard and truly want to help others. It is a shame that they are tarnished by the same brush as many priests who have committed crimes against humanity.

    I am mainly speaking for a priest who is a friend of mine and I can see as he struggles with the stereotype that he, himself, has not earned.

  2. So the vicar of rome is comming to the UK why should the tax payer have to pay for him to come on a state visit whats wrong with easy jet and a hire car?
  3. I never suggested that our dear Lord Joseph Ratzinger should get a free ride. I think the Catholic Church should pay for all of it, and at no cost at all to the tax payer.

    I was simply pointing out the rather comical line and highlighting that priests do have a tough job, especially in this day and age.

  4. A trainee priest?
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    What has that to do with the original post? Go away and crayon somewhere else.
  6. TBH, it's not really registering on my Give-A-Fcuk-O-Meter. Mainly because, as I stated in another thread, the last time I was in a Church I got my head wet. I have no problem with anyone's religion. You can pray to whatever version of the Great Beard in The Sky you wish, just as long as you don't try and force it on me.

    As Sinatra said, "Whatever gets you through the night, God or a bottle of Jack D."

    But by the same token, I have no sympathy for anyone who "suffers" for their religion. Catholic priests are not drafted. It's their choice to be ordained. Not my problem if they can't hack it.
  7. I find the fact that Catholics abstain from sex not for pious or religious reasons but centuries ago preists were wealthy men and so passed on their wealth to their son's, the Pope was having none of this so all of a sudden sex was bad and abstention was in, God said so (apparantley).
    Now where was all that inherited wealth going? Oh right back into the Church!!
  8. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    who would want to be a priest??

    paedophiles looking to get away with it?

    erm, allegedly of course.
  9. True. IIRC, priests were still marrying until well after the time of Alfred the Great. So for at least half it's history, the Catholic Church had no problem with it's priests marrying. And even after celibacy was introduced, I doubt it stopped many priests from bumping uglies with women; they just did'nt marry them.

    As Ilech correctly pointed out, it was all about the money and land a priest owned reverting to the Church after his death rather than religious doctrine.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Priests should be allowed to do as 'God' has bid, and designed men to do - that is to fornicate with women, not children. This whole celibacy thing is as out of order as it was when it was dreamed up by the church. By all means, if someone wishes to abstain from shagging, fine, carry on, but to make it a requirement of the job is going to lead to trouble, the sort of trouble they are in now. Why? Because unlike women, men have a physical imperative, drive to empty their sacks once or twice a week. This is how we are designed.

    Any priest who's not had his nuts chopped off has a bit of a problem, a problem that I would humbly suggest has to be dealt with. There's a number of ways this can happen of course:

    He can have 'wet' dreams regularly, feel guilty and dirty, and pray for forgiveness for his 'evil' dreams.
    He can chuck one out whilst thinking 'evil' thoughts, feel terribly guilty and then pray for forgiveness.
    He can chuck one up a handy and compliant female, consider it a sin, feel guilty and pray for forgiveness . . . . . . and as seems to happen all too often, find small children to abuse for sexual gratification . . . . lob one off, out or up, feel terribly guilty, pray for forgiveness and receive the protection of the church.

    Thanks to the church and its insane, twisted doctrine that is an abuse of a man's human rights and genetic disposition, he's left no choice but to live his life feeling permanently guilty for his physical imperative to have sex, and leaving him few if any avenues so to do. He's also denied the opportunity to find love and raise a family, unless he gives up his job.

    I believe the church would gain a lot more respect and trust in society if it allowed its be-frocked employees to find natural love and raise families. 'God' might even look more fondly down upon his subjects if this anachronism from the age of stupitidy was consigned to the dustbin.
  11. Sorry, Biped, but I can't let that one go. Are you seriously suggesting that priests who abuse children would not do so if not for the vow of celibacy?

    Peadophiles, by defination, are not attracted to adults of either sex. They want to fcuk kids and would do so even if they were allowed to shag their way through the Playboy Mansion.
  12. You should have posted it in the NAAFI then someone might have got it "THAT DOESN'T MEAN I DON'T FIND WOMEN OR CHILDREN ATTRACTIVE"
  13. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    They have just reported it's costing £20 million of taxpayers money
  14. My mother (mid 70s, life long pioneer (abstained from alcohol all her life, unlike her sons) is going with her church group to Birmingham.

    We all went, as a family, in 82 to Coventry, to see his predecessor

    She's received her briefing pack and is carrying ID to the venue, as per instructions

    It's a tough gig. Five hours of standing, kneeling, sitting.

    Consessions are a small folding chair, sun hat and bottle of water

    She wouldn't miss it for the world, and bearing in mind she is a Catholic Special Forces Uber Vixen, i'm surprised he hasn't requested an audience with her.
  15. The OP did.