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Who would the British army send in if house of commons under attack


If ISIS attacked and held people hostage in house of commons would they send in the SAS or would they send in the intelligence corps to deal with Isis?
If the usual security services haven't been monitoring you fella, I think they may be looking closely at you from here on....


If the usual security services haven't been monitoring you fella, I think they may be looking closely at you from here on....

Security Services or mental health ones? He seems to have an obsession as well as a propensity for asking sensitive, yet incredibly dumb, questions.

I wonder if he is related to @Poppycock - any sign of questions and comments about the Police and intelligence services?


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Nah, this is some young enthusiast partway through joining the AR part of the Corps. Excess adrenaline and a marked shortfall in judgement, plus a fanboy focus on SIS and the Int Corps mark his stuff, @Poppycock is considerably more crazy and has a huge hard on, Lord knows why, for SIS.


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Send in the FANYs, now they are evil.

The Corps’ strength in WW2 was 6000, of which 2000 were in SOE. Gallantry awards included: three George Crosses; two George Medals; a King’s Medal for Courage in the Cause of Freedom; a King’s Commendation for Brave Conduct; two Commendations for Good Service; and 36 Mentions in Despatches. Also: one CBE; six OBEs; 23 MBEs; 10 BEMs.

There were numerous foreign decorations too: one Chevalier of the Legion of Honour; six Croix de Guerre; two Medaille de la Reconnaissance; one Norwegian Liberty Medal; one US Bronze Star; and one US Medal of Freedom with Bronze Palm.


How can the op be sure it would be isis ? ...are they even together anymore i was sure they disbanded after the drummer left,and surely it would be the rubber dinghy rapids riders miffed at having the star rating of their accomodations downgraded ?


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We have nothing to fear.... (except ND's.......)
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On behalf of my Corps, I can only apologise for the OP. I gather he's a recent enlistment to our AR contingent and clearly has an excess of enthusiasm and a profound lack of both judgement and knowledge. I imagine he's the same imbecile who's been spamming Quora with his nonsense recently.

Ive been downvoting the questions, hoping to mitigate the stupidity but alas...

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