Who would i get in touch with for........

Offering my companies services for point to point and point to multi point services? Obviously im ex military and all the engineers on my books are all ex military, we have managed to save councils 50% of their costs with them switching over to our hardware. But obviously most people do not want to hear past "we can slash your expenditure by half" which is understandable these days. But we genuinely can, and all we would like to do is put these details across to someone from the mod who deals with this. No hard sell or ocnstant badgering, just the chance for them to have a look and see for themselves. If anyone can help with how we can do this we would be extremely grateful.
Go onto the MOD DE&S website and look up the rules for "unsolicited" proposals. Main purpose of this process is to protect your IPR and stop MOD running off with your idea to the current provider.

If you really do have the ability to reduce costs by 50% and you can write compelling case your proposal will be routed to the appropriate project team for consideration.

You might also want to think about lobbying some of the major defence contractors, I believe BT currently hold the DFTS contract, Fijitsu? General Dynamics (of Bowman fame), Thales?

Forgive the scepticism but what miracle can you do they can't? Want to test your business case in a PM to me?

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