Who would employ Mandleson now?

IF, as the media are reporting, Brown and his chums are packing their bags, who would offer Mandleson or Campbell a job now?

Twice forced to resign from goverment.
Elevated to the Lords in order to facilitate a return to party politics.
Allegedly plotted the resignation of Brown in order to allow Labour to stay in Downing Street.
Promised Clegg God knows what in return for a Lib/Lab alliance, until some of the older Labour politicos showed some spine and said no.
Reported to have been briefing against Balls already in terms a of a leadership contest.

So. No scruples at all.

Who is honestly going to employ him now?
(Posted in Naafi to allow for rude words!)


The French like a back stabbing git, so do the yanks (they employed all those german rocket geeks after ww2).
But seriously it has to be N Korea or Iran, Mandy been trying to destroy the UK from within, now he'll have access to Nukes.
CMD. Mandlebum said he would be quite willing to work for the Tories...
CMD. Mandlebum said he would be quite willing to work for the Tories...
Mandlescum will be working as bar staff at the Blue Oyster Bar.
If he had any honour he would have a quick stiff one,
and then have a one-on-one discussion with the Mess Webley...
I'd employ him, i need an absorbent mat to go under my cat-litter tray because the Mog is getting a bit old and keeps pissing over the edge of it!
He has been plotting Brown's downfall for the last three years, and now his plans for the new Labour leader are in full swing. In years to come we will be talking about him like we do about the IRA..............

....he hasn't gone away you know!!!!
How about the Bilderberg group-he is already a regular attendee at their meetings and therefore carries,in practice,more clout than any British PM.... :wink:
Markintime said:
Mandelson, for all we dislike him is a political strategist of genius. He holds far-reaching power in the Labour party but his skills would be much in demand anywhere.
Since we're in the NAAFI (just noticed :oops: ) George Osborn reckons he gives a good blow job as well.
My Bold

Totally agree and I have detailed his Machiavellian skills on several threads since the election .... however much people may dislike him he is without doubt extremely skilled , articulate and highly intelligent .... all in all a man because of in addition his excellent networking skills has a lot to offer . I doubt very much if he will be an idle man for more than a week .... Europe may call .
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