Who would do the same thing?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, Nov 29, 2004.

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  1. Harsh then, you could say that his death was self inflicted - on all sorts of levels, I suppose.

    Think of it as evolution in action.
  2. can you cut and paste please I can't get into this

  4. Poor lad, he should hold his head up high when he comes out though. Talk about extenuating circumstances.
  5. RTFQ


    What a horrendous thing to happen to a promising lad and his family. I'm 10 years his senior, and many here are much older. I know I'd have done the same but with a great deal more malice. I hope the lad is strong enough to put this behind him and not get dragged down.

    The thought of one decent human being losing a good start to life because of an evil, corrupted piece of human excrement appals me. The law should have protected society from that scum years ago, not relied on a 17 year old lad to do it.

    Good luck fella, remember it's not how hard or how often you get knocked down that defines what type of man you are, but how you get back on your feet.
  6. Mum should be kicked in the arse for not reporting it to the police. Might have kept her boy out of prison that way. :roll:
  7. I dunno.. really.

    My immediate reaction is that he should be paid for saving Police time and money in caging the junkie... But that's a "gut" thing and really we can't go about knocking people off just because they've done something "wrong" in our eyes.

    I can't think of a sensible solution to this, on the one hand I do genuinely see evidence of a strong "Police State" influence in the country at the moment. On the other the law appears to be unable to deter or properly punish criminals. So... what do we do?
  8. There are lesser men in the Army.

    This fella needs a medal. Let's hope he gets released soon, and can carry on with his life. At least he seems to have his head screwed on right, and is putting his time away to good use.

    Perhaps he could get a visit from the Army Recruiting Team and waive the "Criminal Rehabilitation Act" stuff that will haunt him for the next ten years?
  9. He did the right thing.
  10. Trouble is, there is always more to this sort of case than the "legal" reported facts. Yes, why did the mum not report it?
  11. Have to say that if any one touched a member of my family i would beat them to an inch of there life or beyond. If the mother had reported it the sick feck would probably only got 6 month in some holiday home the lad should be given a medal and the thanks of the court for doing this country a service.
  12. No he wouldn't have been convicted - have you seen the stats?
  13. should have got community service for assault.