Who would do the same thing?

The doctors said if he hadn't been taking drink and drugs then he probably would have lived.
Harsh then, you could say that his death was self inflicted - on all sorts of levels, I suppose.

Think of it as evolution in action.
can you cut and paste please I can't get into this

I've no regrets.. I'd do it all again Nov 28 2004

By Emily Andrews, Sunday Mercury

A teenager who killed the neighbour who raped his mum spoke for the first time from prison last night and said: "I've no regrets."

But in an emotional phone call to the Sunday Mercury, Marc Bick said that he never meant to kill sex beast Derek Duffet.

"That man attacked my mum in our house," the 17 year-old said. "In some respects, he deserved what he got.

"But I didn't mean to kill him. I was just so angry and upset. I wasn't really thinking straight.

"I don't blame my mum for me being in prison because I love her. I'd do the same again if I had to."

Bick, from Newport, Shropshire, was 16 when he discovered that drug addict Duffet had attacked mum Yvonne, 48, after threatening her with a wrench.

Angry and confused, the teenager vowed revenge and confronted the brute a week after the December 20 attack.

When Duffet sneered "For f*** sake, it was only a bit of fun," Marc lashed out in fury with a cricket bat.

Duffet, 40, slumped to the floor where he banged his head - and died three days later.

His death was due to the fall, not the blow from the bat.

A-level student Bick, who got 10 GCSEs this summer and wants to eventually set up his own gardening business, was originally charged with murder.

But that was reduced to manslaughter, which he admitted at Stafford Crown Court earlier this month. He was jailed for three years.

Bick, currently in Stoke Heath Young Offenders' Institution in Market Drayton, Shropshire, added: "I don't regret doing something about the situation because he raped my mum.

"But I do regret that Duffet died because I honestly never meant to kill him.

"I was really worried about going to prison because I have never been in any kind of trouble before.

"But it's better than I thought it would be. I thought it would be really tough and I wouldn't be able to cope.

"Before all this happened things had been going really well.

"I was going out with a nice girl and I'd been going to college which I really enjoyed.

"I'm carrying on with my A-levels in here and I'm also doing gym. It's OK in here and I just have to get on with it, although Christmas is going to be weird without my family.

"I want to say thanks to everyone who has been on my side. I think 98 per cent of people would have done a similar thing if they had been in my situation."

Bick and Duffet had known each other well - they used to play chess together and go fishing at the nearby lake.

But 5ft 2ins mum Yvonne never suspected that her neighbour would subject her to such a horrific ordeal.

She told the Sunday Mercury: "Derek had popped round for some chicken. I would often give him bits of food because I felt sorry for him.

"I went into the outhouse to get some food out of the chest freezer and stood on a box to reach in. He followed me out there, held a wrench to my neck and then raped me.

"I couldn't scream because I didn't want my youngest son, Paul, to wake up and be scared. I didn't want to tell anyone. The children just thought I wasn't feeling very well."

Yvonne kept the attack from her eldest son, his sister Mikayla, now 16, and Paul, 11, believing that it would spoil their Christmas celebrations.

But Duffet started boasting about the way he had raped her, and Bick became suspicious after finding his mother crying.

Eventually, Yvonne told him what happened.

"Marc was so angry that he started sobbing," she said. "He was devastated but angry at the same time. He said he was going to get Derek - but I tried to stop him.

"He went round and Derek grabbed him by the shoulders. Then Marc hit him and, as he fell, he hit his head. He died three days later of his injuries.

"The doctors said if he hadn't been taking drink and drugs then he probably would have lived.

"Marc just wanted to hurt him, never to kill him.

"I really miss Marc and Paul misses him, too. He cried when Marc went to prison.

"But I'm glad Duffet is dead. He deserved it.

"Marc killed to protect me and I'm very proud of him. Rapists are lower than the low."


Poor lad, he should hold his head up high when he comes out though. Talk about extenuating circumstances.
What a horrendous thing to happen to a promising lad and his family. I'm 10 years his senior, and many here are much older. I know I'd have done the same but with a great deal more malice. I hope the lad is strong enough to put this behind him and not get dragged down.

The thought of one decent human being losing a good start to life because of an evil, corrupted piece of human excrement appals me. The law should have protected society from that scum years ago, not relied on a 17 year old lad to do it.

Good luck fella, remember it's not how hard or how often you get knocked down that defines what type of man you are, but how you get back on your feet.
Mum should be kicked in the arse for not reporting it to the police. Might have kept her boy out of prison that way. :roll:
I dunno.. really.

My immediate reaction is that he should be paid for saving Police time and money in caging the junkie... But that's a "gut" thing and really we can't go about knocking people off just because they've done something "wrong" in our eyes.

I can't think of a sensible solution to this, on the one hand I do genuinely see evidence of a strong "Police State" influence in the country at the moment. On the other the law appears to be unable to deter or properly punish criminals. So... what do we do?
There are lesser men in the Army.

This fella needs a medal. Let's hope he gets released soon, and can carry on with his life. At least he seems to have his head screwed on right, and is putting his time away to good use.

Perhaps he could get a visit from the Army Recruiting Team and waive the "Criminal Rehabilitation Act" stuff that will haunt him for the next ten years?
He did the right thing.
Have to say that if any one touched a member of my family i would beat them to an inch of there life or beyond. If the mother had reported it the sick feck would probably only got 6 month in some holiday home the lad should be given a medal and the thanks of the court for doing this country a service.
No he wouldn't have been convicted - have you seen the stats?
fas_et_gloria said:
His death was due to the fall, not the blow from the bat.
should have got community service for assault.
growler said:
Trouble is, there is always more to this sort of case than the "legal" reported facts. Yes, why did the mum not report it?
No forensic evidence as he used the frozen chicken first
Greengrass said:
If the mother had reported it the sick feck would probably only got 6 month in some holiday home
True, but I would rather that than this poor kid being locked up for three years and carrying the stygma with him for years to come.

"Mum" also endangered other women in the area by not reporting the guy.

Cheers to the kid, he swings a mean bat. Maybe Team England could use him? :wink:
Its a tragedy, everyone loses! He has nothing to be ashamed of though. I am sure that if I were in his shoes I would do the same.
Its a tragedy, everyone loses! He has nothing to be ashamed of though. I am sure that if I were in his shoes I would do the same.

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