Who would date this lady? Own up!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by g2_loony_bin, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Maybe

  4. After a few beers

  5. After a lot of beers

  6. I already am

  7. No I am a gay

  1. Apparently one of our lot is dating this lady. Does anyone know who it is? Do they post on arrse?

    And of course the obligatory question of...

    Would you?

    I would!

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  2. Most certainly!!!
  3. After a couple of beers but I'd have to scrub myself with a Brillo Pad afterwards due to the arrse sloppy seconds issues involved.
  4. Marks out of ten - I'd give her one.

    Yum Yum.
  5. As long as she said please and thankyou I would happily oblige!!
  6. She's got builders hands! But yes I would!
  7. Yes!

    Not while she had her mouth full though, I hope. That's unladylike. :twisted:
  8. Going by the poll, she puts it about a bit and has a bit of a military fetish. Good girl.
  9. Biggest issue is she's a Chelsea fan, but I could quite easily slip a Villa shirt onto her after I'd slipped her something else. Listening to Chris Moyles yesterday though, I think she's already going out with a member of the Armed Forces.
  10. And there was me thinking "what the hell is this thread about" or was that a wah??
  11. A Chelsea fan?????? Make that TWO brillo pads, a gallon of Domestos and a roll of heavy duty, military issue wire wool and of course full IPE during the unspeakable act itself.
  12. She looks angry.
    I like them angry.
  13. She also looks dirty...
  14. I like them dirty too.
    And sweaty.