Who would be the services choice to replace Broon?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. Looking at the bunch of cabinet members there doesn't seem like an obvious candidate. Who would make the best of the job from the Army standpoint? Harman??
  2. Des Browne
  3. i'll do it

    loadsa pay rises
    get new kit
    and stop doing everything the yanks want us to do

    spose i best do sumfin about ecconomy etc as well though eh?
  4. If Jeremy Clarckson is to busy, then I suppose it would have to be Simon Cowell, he can spot a bluffing useless cnut a mile off.
  5. Almost anyone who is not an MP would be an improvement.

    However, nobody can sort out the mess Brown has created before the next general election. So Labour are going to loose no matter who they put in charge.
  6. Al Murray - gud brittish bloke with brittish bloke views
  7. That as may be, sadly the whole bloody country is loosing everything while they cling to power.
  8. In a perfect world JC.

    If it had to be a politico then David Davis.

    The entire liarbore cabinet can get to f*ck imho,none of them are fit to govern.
  9. Vera Lyne would do a better job than any of this shower of shiite.
  10. kev keegans free for a while i here
  11. Keegan would just walk away when he got bored.

    Ross Kemp?
  12. I'm assuming that you mean we have to pick from withing the current Labour Parliamentary Party - those that are currently Labour MPs correct? Christ, talk about a Devil's Choice.
  13. The moose or the Swedish chef? Either one would probablt be an improvement.