who won marine moustache contest?

so who won most outrageous moustache contest? :D


Royal Marines Mount Ambush on Upper Lips
The Royal Marines serving in Afghanistan found a novel way to keep a stiff upper lip while fighting the Taleban in Helmand Province this Christmas - by holding a moustache growing contest. The marines of 40 Commando set themselves a challenge to see who could grow the most outrageous piece of face furniture during the Christmas period.

The conditions the men are living in may be basic in the extreme, and the fierce battles they find themselves in often hair-raising, but judging by some of the photos sent in by Royal Marine competitors, the men themselves are becoming even hairier.

Second in Command of 40 Commando, Major Alex Murray, terms the competition a "morale-boosting bit of fun. Generations of our forefathers have been marching around these hills with the most splendid array of facial hair," he said. "We found throughout history, the upper lip has been stiffened with a good moustache. Some aspects of warfare are timeless, and in this case the requirement for impressive facial hair is as important today as it was for our forefathers working on the North West Frontier."

The moustachioed marines were among 7,800 men and women serving in Afghanistan over Christmas, whether on the front lines or as support and logistics staff back at the main British bases.
It's time the British army reissues a pith helmet and red coats. All that would be missing then would be Hrundi Bakshi playing the horn.
Perhaps an additional reason is that a 'tache can tickle in interesting places during the naked roll-mat exercises.

I know this because SeƱora Dwarf informs a now hirsute Dwarf that it is so.

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