Who wins...You decide

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jimnicebutdim, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. Apologies for the Big Brother style title. However:
    If the were an election tommorrow who would you vote for?
  2. Lol, is this just to see who supports who and we are all gonna get "exposed"?
  3. where is the Green party?
  4. No, i'm just curious about the general consensus amongst the Arrse faithful. There will be no exposure by me!!!! (well maybe in the park tonight.............)
  5. Also recently there was a re-branding of UKIP. Its name is Independence party.

    Unlikely I would take part in British elections soon but I propose an option: for a good person no matter what party he belongs to.
  6. Renaming failed I believe.
  7. LMAO. So you will not vote then......
  8. Also. Even on here, notice how UKIP is taking votes away from the Conservatives. This was planned as I have said before.
    Please let me know if you are normally a cons but have voted UKIP.
    Maybe I am wrong?
  9. Who the fcuk voted for Labour?
  10. sven?

  11. Hassel??

    Vote the most outrageous party possible, then it might make the big 3 sit up and think.........then again poss not, nothing will change whoever is voted in, despite constant voting for the free sex party for the last 20 years, still end up with a bunch of cnuts
  12. Well I'm one. Wasted vote though, because the area I live in would elect a cuddly toy if it wore a blue rosette.
  13. Interesting the even the BNP are getting more votes than TCB
  14. I voted [& always will] labour! Feckin Tory got in here by only 121 votes, the toffee nosed ter-watt!!
  15. Vote labour. Better the devil you know. I don't think the conservatives could do anything better and would lead to more waste and more scandel.