Who will you vote for at the General Election?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cpunk, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Try this...
  2. The case for voting Labour: http://obotheclown.blogspot.com/2010/02/god-help-me.html

    "Imagine what havoc would be wreaked upon Labour's credibility if they had to be the party of cuts, the party that actually inherited the consequences of their economic mismanagement? It would take a generation for them to recover. The faction fighting and internecine struggles would prevent them from doing any actual governing as well."

    The case for voting Tory: http://libertarianalliance.wordpress.com/2010/02/23/sean-gabb-should-we-vote-conservative-with-pinched-noses/

    "For the past few years, however, [Labour] have lived in constant fear of losing the next election. And, if Labour does lose, that might cause the implosion of their Party. Therefore, if they do somehow win after all, we can be reasonably sure that they will never allow another free election. I doubt if they would go so far as abolishing elections, or openly rigging them. But they are already talking about schemes of “electoral reform” that would keep them permanently in office – even if office must be shared with the Liberal Democrats. They would also tighten the party registration laws, so that only those parties willing to guarantee the existing order would be allowed to run in elections. They might also extend their control over local politicians to Members of Parliament – setting up some system whereby Members who were too outspoken could be removed for “misconduct”.

    For all their faults, the Conservatives would not do any of these things. Therefore, a vote for the Conservatives would be a vote for keeping the system open for a real party of national restoration – whatever that might be."
  3. Ah no can vote any more, would vote Tory but believe Dave has blown it despite matters like the below.

    "Now Gordon is robbing your grave

    Gordon Brown's tax raid on pension funds is estimated to have netted him in excess of £100billion since 1997.

    Money which should have ensured a comfortable retirement for millions has been flushed away on the creation of a vast client state of public sector non-jobs and welfare dependents.

    As Chancellor, he wrecked a blue-chip private pension system which was the envy of the world. That's why I christened him The Man Who Stole Your Old Age.

    Brown hates the middle classes and has taxed us to the hilt. Now he plans a 10 per cent 'death tax' on all estates, in addition to 40 per cent inheritance tax, to pay for social care.

    This will hit 17 million families and will impact hardest hundreds of thousands of modest earners in the South of England, where house prices are highest.

    Never mind that we've all paid more than enough in taxes under Labour to finance a Rolls-Royce care programme for the elderly.

    But the money has simply disappeared in Brown's black hole.

    The very rich with clever accountants will avoid the tax and the poor will be exempt.

    Those in the middle will be faced with paying half what they earn in income tax and NI when they are alive and half of what they've got left when they die.

    The Man Who Stole Your Old Age now intends to rob your grave.

    The Conservatives haven't exactly covered themselves in glory lately, but why is the Government escaping scrutiny?

    Labour is responsible for the appalling state of the nation, not Call Me Dave. Yet the boys in the bubble continue to take dictation from the odious Mandelson, who is desperate to deflect the spotlight away from his own party's dismal record.

    Just as our diplomats overseas go native, so most of our full-time political reporters seem to have developed some kind of Stockholm Syndrome.

    They have become so used to being utterly dependent on their New Labour captors for the past 13 years that they can't kick the habit.

    The Westminster pack has decided the only story in town is Dave not 'sealing the deal' rather than the disgraceful track record of this decaying, lying Labour administration. This isn't journalism, it's a rolling party political broadcast."

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1257370/RICHARD-LITTLEJOHN-I-look-.html#ixzz0hxRenPVy
  4. SNP for two reasons.

    1. I want a clear cut referendum on independence to put the issue to bed once and for all, and nobody else is going to deliver.

    2. They stand the best chance in my constituency of unseating the Labour MP. Tactical voting leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but sometimes you have to get your hands dirty.
  5. As an Englishman I wish we could get a chance for English independence from the Union.
  6. I've voted, but to be honest, this audience doesn't exactly fit the national demographic doies it?

    Be nice if it did with not a single Labour MP being voted in (at present Lab has 0% - how long before Ashie, Frenchperson etc vote?), but lets face it, the majority of Arrsers are conservatives (with a small c) with a few scattered throughout the rest of the spectrum.

    As for Kingbingo's first link advocating "vote for labour and let them sort out their own mess": NO!

    The sooner Labour are banished to the hinterlands, the better. The second link, whilst a tad bacofoil in places, does have a worrying ring of truth about it. If Brown can retain power for another term, I believe our political landscape will be so further skewed that we'll be condemned to a left wing Govt forever more.

    Unfortunately as I say Arrse isn't representative of the nation as a whole, so there's a likelihood that the worst wil happen and we'll be stuck with these swine in power until we're all subsumed into the Greater European Multinational Co-Prosperity Sphere. (El Presidente for Life: Some nameless Belgian, no doubt).

    So for God's sake vote Conservative (with a big C). Forget about all the single issues - the main thing is regime change. You don't have to love them, you just have to see that they are the only realistic chance of getting rid of Labour. All you UKIPpers, suck it up and vote for your nation's survival. Don't waste your vote on Farage and his tawdry bunch; they aren't ever going to be in power, and their only chance of any influence is the off-chance of a hung parliament where they have a couple of seats to bargain with. That isn't worth the risk IMHO, as the Lib Dems (pro-europe, left of centre) are going to be the big winners in a hung parliament, and are far more likely to form a coalition with Labour(probably at the price of Proportional representation - shudder).

    The only way to get rid of Brown, Mandelson, Balls, Harman and all the other hateful swine that make up this Labour Government is to vote in a Tory Government. they won't be perfect, by a long chalk, but at least they are less likely to sell this country down the river as part of a "great social experiment".
  7. As a borderer I am completely opposed to Scottish independence, infact I don't like devolution either, but I appreciate a referendum is the only way to settle the issue once and for all.
  8. I might agree, UNLESS, you happen to be living in the seat that Farage himself happens to be contesting, the one against the Speaker Bercow.

    Buckingham I believe. Getting rid of Bercow, and having someone like Farage himself, who could articulate his message about the EUSSR would be a real boon in my opinion.
  9. Interesting concept, as friends who are still in the north believe that by voting and becoming involve in the SNP they can take it back to its more moderate (economic) roots and campaign for sensible devolution of powers that effect more localised issues (educations, roads, etc). Similar to provincial or state politics in North America.

    SaC has really hit the nail on the head here, it is about what your local will deliver and if they are not independent enough (i.e. someone parachuted in by the central office - all 3 parties guilty of this) then you need to get involved and do something.

    Underlying point - get off your arrse and get involved!!!
  10. Whilst getting rid of Bercow is a laudable ambition, the price of having to listen to Farage braying on in parliament is a tad too high for me
  11. I live in Bercows constituency and whilst i think that a vote for UKIP would be a nice way to upset the applecart i do not think it will happen here . Constituents have far more local pressing issues at hand at the moment and it certainly does not consider Europe even near the top of the list at the moment.
  12. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    SNP for one reason; Scottish independence.

    Have never voted for a unionist party in my life and not about to start now.
  13. Although not a member of the Conservative party for many years, received a letter today asking for a donation.

    The letter stated that to gain power the Tories have to achieve the biggest swing since 1931. Apart from retaining their current seats, they have to win another 117. Further, that Margaret Thatcher only had to win half of this number to unseat Labour in 1979.

    Always thought it not cut & dried that the Tories would form the next Government & also that I would not be surprised at another 5 years of Labour.

    But with figures like that, even a hung parliament seems very unlikely.
  14. I'm undecided. Let them speak and tell me another pack of lies before I vote for the natural law party. Current politicians/parties have the street cred of a dog turd, and not a white one at that.
  15. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    14% (currently) voting BNP. Are we really that bad?