Who will you vote for at the General Election 3?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cpunk, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Now the campaign is underway, it's time for another Arrse opinion poll to see whether there has been any significant shift in Arrsers voting intentions. This poll, and future ones during the campaign, will be for 24 hours only.

    Let's try not to turn the discussion here into the usual bickering about Nazism/Racism/Political-Correctness-Gone-Mad etc etc etc.
  2. No Alliance for us in Norn' Iron?

    I appreciate they can be included as 'others', but some of us would like to vote for a party in NI that isn't led by people who believe the world is 6000 years old, or wants a united Ireland...
  3. I simply just can't get my head round the fact that Gordon Brown is telling us that Labour will move the country on and improve our lot, economy wise. Of all people, he has presided over our economy firstly as Chancellor and secondly as PM, for 13 years years now and the country and its economy, is in absolute rag.

    I'll be voting Conservative just to help try to get the Labour party and its poisonous cretins hoofed out of Government. Hopefully having been unelected in the first place, Gordon Brown will be removed as PM without ever successfully defending his party at an election.
  4. Lib Dem
  5. Conservative
  6. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I've made this a sticky for the time being.
  7. How come no "none of the above" for those that think the political system in the UK is so broken that voting is now a total farce?
  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    There you go... never say Arrse isn't responsive.
  9. If you don't take part, you have no right to comment. Abstaining will not change the system
  10. And how many serving personnel have actually registered to vote ? As you must register every year. A nice trick by New Liablair to stop another section of the population voting against them.

    If the Press are to be believed, only 10% have actually registered.

    If you don't vote, how can you complain ??

  11. Unless maybe all 60million (or whatever the number is) voters decided not to go to the polls?

    To paraphrase a hippy or two "Imagine if they gave an election and nobody came"?
  12. That's what she said. :)
  13. It wasn't so long ago that a hight court judge compared our political system to a banana republic! 8O
  14. It's political correctness gone mad. Oops, sorry Cpunk!
  15. I was going to vote Tory but, having read the manifestos (including Lib Dem) I've decided to go UKIP. They may not get in but I feel their stance on many things matches my own.

    The only reason I actually read their manifesto in the first place was because of THIS.

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