Who will you ROOT this year?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by auscam, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. You're one year closer to death, so fuck someone while you still can. Who have you fucked already? Too pissed to remember? Make it up. If they're married-to someone else- then all the better. I have no such prospect myself, you understand, which is why I've asked a total stranger a vicarious question. Go on then, and be sordid. Spew your nauseating filth, you'll feel beter, that's what the internet's for. Get on with it!
  2. In a perfect world, smudge67. In reality, the usual crack-addled emo boys I always seem to end up with.
  3. I'm curious to know the reasons for the bit in bold.
  4. What, there's a difference?
  5. Your Mum, Aus - I thought we'd already established this in your recent poll? Don't forget, I'm in Tas later on this year to see the cousins and take that walk we were talking of.... :D
  6. Join the club, mate. I'm tempted to start volunteering at Age Concern; there's got to be some randy ones at the bingo mornings, surely?
  7. Probably have to stick with Mrs BC, like this beauty, but with big titties

  8. Anna Richardson.....................


    And why not? :D
  9. Whoever doesn't run fast enough or is too trusting where they leave their drinks.
  10. Does that make you a 'taker'? None of my businees, of course.
  11. The 'John Wayne' walk? With the pained expression? Spoooooky coincidence; I'm planning a walk along the Tasmanian Trail, as it 'appens. If you see a 6'1", yellow-eyed, mad-haired axe murderer with Clark's desert boots an overstuffed bergen, that's me.
  12. I'm a radical celibate, in keeping with my vocation of moral purity and overall righteousness. I'm actually a fat, middle-aged fantasist with no friends or social skills. But you didn't hear it from me, OK?
  13. You would think so. But how to avail oneself of them?
  14. I wouldn't mind being "rooted" by Matt Damon, the American actor. He looks fit!

    A certain guy in the RAF can "root" me when he comes home. In the meantime thank fcuk for msn.

    Don't think I've left anyone out? :wink:
  15. I guess the bingo scene would be like a lottery. I'll be subtly investigating which biddies are on HRT (which can make 'em irrationally frisky) and which ones are desperate. The desperate ones have that look in their eyes (or is that cataracts?).

    Ideally, I'll be looking for the ones who are irrationally frisky, desperate, and still have a modicum of natural flange fluids flowing. Otherwise, I'll grab the most confused looking one, get her back to her gaff, raid the sherry and, after a couple of Bing Crosby tracks, she'll be like putty in my hands. And a bit of spit and shove never hurt anyone.