Who will you be voting for?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Goku, May 4, 2006.

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  1. Well it’s the local elections today, I thought it would be interesting to see which way the political pendulum swung on ARRSE.

    I’ll be voting conservative.
  2. I'll be voting for the party who can unseat Labour. In my case it's the Liberal Democrats and although I don't like them, I have to.

    My local council is one of the worst performing in the country, but with one of the highest council tax levels. They have to go.
  3. Wasn't the mantra in N Ireland "Vote early and vote often!"?

  4. My local area took it to the wire in the General Election, requiring 3 recounts before it was announced that Neu Arbeit had somehow managed to get back in. Hopefully, all those who didn't vote then will get off their fat arrses and help ensure that the area goes blue in the Locals. The forecasts seem hopeful, luckily.
  5. Voting Lib Dem , not for the obvious reasons , but a very good friend is running in my ward, and as there were only a couple of dozen votes in it last time, every one counts. The less Labour councillors the merrier.
  6. Left thumb covering box next to labour candidate, close eyes, cross first box your come across. Anyone but Labour!!
  7. Sound policies for a greater democracy Lard :D
  8. Good to see that Lard and Jim understand politics. This is exactly the reason why "one man, one vote" is boll0cks.

    I will be voting Labour. I don't agree with all of their policies, but it's be best of a bad bunch. However, living in Tory heartland, my vote will be in the minority.
  9. Why, I'll be thanking you PTP!
  10. If other means "none" .. I dont trust the current lot (although OT, for the general election, if the current Tory MP ran as an independant I'd vote for him .. just not his party) though they seem to do ok .. council tax isnt exactly nice though, the lib dems are making a strong push (if all the leaflets I've been getting is any indication .. buggers have been pushing the stuff through my letter box for the past 6 months) but hopefully the lefty thieves wont get in (I want the true liberals back! the Social Democrats can sod off), havent seen anything from the labour lot .. and thankfully bugger all from the BNP or UKIP this time around.
  11. Quote from a certain Lib Dem Council Leader "There is no such country as England" Evening Chronicle Mar 06.... Be careful of who you vote for... Labout/Lib Dems/ Tories... Three sides of the same corrupt and inept coin.
  12. Took my nipper down to the polling station this morning, voted Lib Dem, at a local level in my area, it is the best way of ensuring that a Yellow/Blue coalition runs the council.

    Herronbloke - What relevance does the country (nation state) of england have to do with Council Services?

    editted for mong sentence construction...mlarr at will toady :oops:
  13. Do you mean the Right-of centre Liberals who believed in a fair shake for everyone that contributed to the greater good, who believed in England, home and beauty?

    I'll send you a membership form after the putsch ;)

    Jailor, same story here in the Brumopolis. The Lib-Tory coalition , surprisingly works. The skyline here is changing, and there is a new optimism from business leaders.

    We are however, extremely brassed off that not one major political leader of any hue, could be arrsed to come to Britain's second city.

    That is going to cost Labour especially dear in the General , as men of business, influence and not inconsiderable power here (The Richardsons etc al) are cheesed off with the way Brum gets ignored.
  14. I understand what you're saying and Stabtiffy I understand politics all too well. However it's local circumstances that inform my choice, and without a treatise on it there's no way I can explain my reasons properly on here. Let's just say that after several years of local misrule there has to be a change. If you lived around here you might even feel the same way.
  15. There is no Labour option in my area, not that I'd vote for them if there was. My choices are Liberal, Conservative or BNP. As in most things, I'll take the middle road and go Liberal.