Who will win Euro 2008?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by TheSpecialOne, May 30, 2008.

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  1. As a supporter of the underdog and with a few recent examples of them upsetting the odds (Denmark & Greece) I am going to go for Romania.

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  2. Hoping it's Croatia as that's who I drew in the office sweepie!
  3. Hopefully Switzerland. I've just pulled them out of a hat in the draw at work.

    Who knows, could it be the home nation's year? I may be on for an each-way prize with a bit of luck....
  4. As my national team is not involved, I couldn't give a Cleveland-Steamer who wins what in the closed season.

    Proper footy's back on 9 Aug.
  5. Germany - Spain Final. Germany on penalties. MHO.

  6. Is anyone really going to be that interested? I can't see even the most ardent football supporter being glued to the screen when their team doesn't feature in the competition.
  7. Who the fuck cares?

    TheSpecialOne, are you fucking gay?
  8. I think Portugal will win, Spain 2nd and prob France 3rd :!:
  9. Intersting comment. Well, I do consider myself a Lesbian in a man's body - does that count? :p

    As for the tournament - I am a football fan not a xenophobe
  10. Does anyone care :sleepy:
  11. Nor Scoterland :p :p :p
  12. Germany will take it.
  13. Nor Wales :wink:

    Because being scouse/Welsh you should have been supporting them :D :D