Who will rid us of these turbulent kuffaar?


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Found this report on the Samizdata website.
While the content of the conference didn't really surprise me, I've not yet heard of the Met's Sturmstaffel pitching up to arrest anyone for Incitement to Religous Hatred.
Has anyone else ?

January 10, 2005

Samizdata said:
Who will rid us of these turbulent kuffaar?
Philip Chaston (London) UK affairs

Al-Muhajiroun was the extremist organisation that recruited or converted young Muslims and British men to their political goal of a worldwide Islamic state, starting with the Emirate of Great Britain. It was never clear whether they would recognise England, Scotland and Wales but the overall objective was clear. A troublesome development was the disbandment of this organisation which appeared to portend greater underground activity on the part of the radicals.

Hannah Strange, UK correspondent for UPI, was attending a women's conference where Sheikh Omar, the former head of Al-Muhajiroun, was setting out his philosophy: Since Britain had invaded Iraq, the covenant of security that protected these islands from Islam was now broken, and as a consequence, war was declared. No doubt these sentiments weighed heavily on his heart since his patriotism was not in doubt:

Either withdraw your own forces or don't expect Muslims not to support the Muslims abroad," said Sheikh Omar, adding that the West supports dictators abroad when they see fit.

If the government met those conditions, Muslims could continue to live peacefully in Britain, he said.

"After that there will be no need to fight anybody, we've been living in peace here for years, and we can continue to live in peace," he said. "We love Britain."

However, the usual epithets on 9/11, killing all non-Muslims and blaming the Jews outweighed his love of bully beef and the Queen. It was the story that they always tell themselves. They are not to blame. They were invaded. They are merely defending themselves against the hand that is raised against them. Indeed, their pathology is a puzzling outpouring of delusional bombast reinforced by the blood of innocents.

Their bloodcurdling enactment of 9/11 demonstrates the distance between our compassion and the hatred of these extremists.

The speakers, all leading members of the group, called for war against the kuffaar (non-Muslims) and lead chants as a projector screen showed images of dead American soldiers in Iraq.

As the infamous images of two planes crashing into the twin towers of the World Trade Center replayed again and again, the rapt watchers thrust their fists in the air and chanted "Allahu Akhbar! (God is great!)"

"Nine-eleven was one example of some people who chose to show us they are men, real Muslim men," said one speaker

Muslims must also beware of "the enemy within" -- moderate Muslims such as those on the Muslim Council of Britain, he said.

They side with "the Jewish conspirators, the Jewish occupiers and the Christian crusaders," he said, and "will sell out their Muslim brothers."

"Please raise your hands if you think the Muslim Council of Britain represents you," a speaker at the conference instructed the crowd.

All stayed silent.

"Put your hands up if Sheikh Osama Bin Laden represents you!" he called.

Every hand shot in the air, even those of three or four year old children and their mothers in the back rows. "Allahu Akhbar!" echoed through the hall.

The MCB, continued the speaker, even condemned the "beautiful" attacks in Madrid last year. The chants grew louder.

Muslims must reject the integrationist calls of such people, said Sheikh Omar.

Instead, an Islamic state must be established here in Britain, he said, an aim that is the duty of every Muslim.

"If people reject the call of mighty Allah," he continued, "... death will be inevitable."

To confirm this, images of people dropping dead and burning in flames appeared on the projector screen.

If only this were shown on BBC News at Ten. Then I could start to arrange the nine other impossible things on my list, such as anti-aging, which is far more important.

feckin ignorant twats!!

they stil believe that they can justify their cations by saying it was in the name of their god!

Guess what, ive found god and he aint a muslim, jew or chrsitian. He is an RSM in 3 para :D :D :D

agent smtih
And we still see no police running to arrest this arrse??

Funny thing, when the BNP opened its mouth, plod was all over them and rightly so....but these lot incite more hatred than the BNP and what? Nothing!

Hypocrsy and PC jump to mind :evil:
Will this actually hit the 'mainstream' press so all of Joe Public are made aware of this cr*p?

It really does make my p*ss boil when I read such outrageous material.

As has been said above when will they be arrested for incitement? :evil:


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dui-lai said:
Probably never, wouldn't want to upset the muslim community now would we?? :evil:
Now, now D-L, I'm sure you don't mean that !


Perhaps, "wouldn't want to upset the muslim community who may vote Labour" would be more accurate ?


semper said:
feel like voting BNP at least they will jump all over this lot unlike bliar who wrings his hands
Just what we need: a BNP voting ACF instructor. Would that make your det the Hitler Youth?
chickenpunk said:
semper said:
feel like voting BNP at least they will jump all over this lot unlike bliar who wrings his hands
Just what we need: a BNP voting ACF instructor. Would that make your det the Hitler Youth?
:lol: :lol:

A vote for BNP is not really needed, what is is action from this shower of shiit that is in power, mind they don't want to upset the Labour voting muslims do they :roll:
when ever i here this muslim crap feel like voting bnp then rember their full of ugly moron that make ross kemp look good :lol: :cry: these scum should leave the country if they hate it so much
From Cutaway's link:

Another point to consider. It is sometimes better that these idiots make these points in public where presumably the likes of M15 and the police can keep tabs on them. If the security services are doing their jobs properly, I would imagine their activities are under fairly close scrutiny.

Posted by Johnathan at January 11, 2005 09:20 PM
It is worth noting that although the BNP was jumped on for inciting racial hatred (or was it a similar charge?), something like this would be under the scrutiny of NCIS, SIS, etc surely?? Hence the quiet on the media channels. But something doesn't ring right somewhere - this Sheikh was putting out his views to women?? What - is he getting desperate? Is this man now welcoming the idea that women can perhaps be an equal to men in promoting his beliefs?? Maybe I'm being a bit cynical here- but the name as well - Hannah Strange... dunno - sounds like a pseudonym.

Also saw this:
I know! Let's all go to Cairo, Damascus, Amman and Riyadh, apply for refugee status and welfare payments, pray aloud to Jesus in the streets and have great big outdoor pork barbecues with our dogs. That'll show 'em! And what could they do about it? I mean if they tried anything nasty we'd sic world opinion on 'em. Right?

Posted by Robert Speirs at January 11, 2005 04:15 AM
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Let's all go to Cairo, Damascus, Amman and Riyadh, apply for refugee status and welfare payments, pray aloud to Jesus in the streets
You won't get zapped by the authorites for praying aloud to the prophet jesus in the first 3

The last one?

Rather you than me.

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