Who will Police Iraq - IPS Not up to the task

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bad_Crow, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. Was just on the police thread and looking through youtube when i found this video clip.

    Are these the People our goverment feels we can leave in charge of Basra. We pull out of Basra and leave this lot in charge. We the troops know they're not up to the task and that they're going to fcuk their country over.

    Is it our officers lying to the government or is it the government who just couldn't give a toss and want rid of "The Iraq Problem"

    Talk about jumping off a sinking ship

    Iraq is Buggered

    I have added this second video at the risk of it being compared to Bloody Sunday as I have witnessed this happen right infront of me at the hands of the Iraqi police so i can safely say its not an isolated incident.

    Dangerous times Iraqis live in
  2. Well that didn't go as planned :D
  3. Now that's what I call crowd control!

    Best we get some PCSOs and Traffic Wardens down there now!
  4. I haven't a clue to the context of those vids you linked. They both look over harsh at first but on the 2nd one I spotted some of the "police" seemed to be reacting to fire and in the 1st are they really ambulance men or not? No idea.
  5. 307

    307 War Hero

    Somebody needs to teach those faggots some face up drills.
  6. Potential terrorists - Kill them. Blokes giving you agro - Arrest them.

    At no point should a "Proffessional" Haha - Police force/service Kneep cap someone then boot them in the head. We joke about how this would solve problems with our chavs but its just wrong and "we" as the British Soldiers who policed their streets and did what we could to stop this kind of crap are leaving. No wonder they hate us.

    Should we really even consider leaving Iraq when the uniforms we have left behind are being worn by gangsters

    307 - Sadly as i'm sure you know we taught them all the right ways of dealing with these situations. They just chose to resort to being Savages!

    Face up and move away. Come back with shields and batons and fcuk them up by all means. But dont spray the crowd. We had this happen in 2004 and we ended up having to disarm three coppers and threaten to baton gun a fourth who refused to down tools and go back into the nick.
  7. the IPS are dodgy cnuts i dont trust them as far as i can throw them

    we suprised them on a checkpoint a few weeks back and they wernt even stopping cars and searching them til we intervened!

    we even had to give them a demo on how to do it properly....
  8. Good points well made. I really do not have an answer. In an ideal world we should stay and make the country a better place for the locals to live in. I doubt that we have the resources to carry that out all the way though. Then again Iraqis should stop being so devisive/antagonistic amongst themselves, how could we even start to make that so? Damned if I know.
  9. All examples of how useless they can be when left on their own. I've trained and worked with them. When we are about and the cameras are about they normally feel the need to compete with us so they are capable.

    However I really do think they are without doubt some of the most lazy and corrupt people I have ever met.

    It's just getting on my t1ts when people go on about the "War" in Iraq is proving a success. I'd rather hand over control to a brigade of Sea Cadets.

    That place is going to fall through its arrse and we are going to be made to look like the cnuts who failed. Then we're going to have to move back into southern Iraq and the whole thing is going to cost Millions more than it needs to.

    Stop just "Keeping our foot in the door" Lets hang around and get the job done properly.

    I don't want my son/daughter/dog to be deploying on Op Telic 56.
  10. exactly

    no point leaving when the job is half done

    also.. better accomodation is needed for us... 4 years on and we're still crammed in dusty tents full of mice... with power cuts daily.
  11. Its gob smacking aint it. You'd think after all this time and after all the money they've saved closing the patrol bases they could afford some Portacabin type affairs. Even more so now they plan to reduce troop numbers to a warrior section minus driver.

    We are getting closer and closer to an all out civil war in that country. We are very close to failing. Not through the fault of the troops but through politicians who have their eyes shut to what is really happening day to day in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  12. the new plans for bedpsaces theyve got is redicolous aswell

    took us ages to set up them "baghdad bed" things we've got... pain in the arrse

    now we've gotta do even more to them to make them more secure

    obv i cant say anything on here because of OPSEC... but we've been told they need to be done for when we handover to telic 11
  13. Whilst I agree with most of the original post, when we were in Basra we weren't doing any good. The IPS have been infiltrated at all levels by the militias, the situation is completely fcuked and a complete withdrawal was the only sensible option.
  14. Dont take this the wrong way as its a serious question.

    What you are suggesting sounds like running away from the baddies because we can't get the goodies on our side. What affect do you think Basra falling through its arrse will have on us if we have to return.

    If the IPS and other support arms are corrupt as feck. Surely we should be taking control back off them and digging our heels in on this. Our big mistake in the begining was sacking the Coppers/Squaddies of Iraq on Telic 1.

    Should we be moving in and making that mistake again? I dont think so. Should we sit at the side lines and watch them continue to pull their country apart? No.

    So how do we solve the problem without moving back into the city??? Because lets face it, as much as we'd like to knob off... Its our problem!
  15. I agree that it's our problem. I also agree that we shouldn't sit at the sidelines and watch them pull their country apart. However, I really can't see any alternative but to let them fight it out. Eventually, a new Saddam will rise and the country will resume some kind of stability once again.