Who will pay for the upkeep or Tridant replacement?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fenrisulf, Aug 31, 2010.

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  1. A friend of a friend of a cousin twice removed, heard this guy talking in our local chippy bout the whole Tridant issue. He said that he knows some one geet high up in the MOD and that all serving people will pay for it by all donating a days pay every year! (just like 'service days pay given'). It must be true cos he would never lie and the bloke was wearing a nice suit and was actually reading the news paper that his chips was wrapped in!!!
  2. What is Tridant?
  3. Upkeep was great though, good film too.
  4. Its that massive rocket thing which shoots out of those underwater boat things!
  5. Yes, Trident. Are you taking estimates or are you offering to foot the bill?

    CQ, Never saw Upkeep. Small review?
  6. Hopefully, someone who can spell 'Trident' properly.
  7. Oh! That was an urban myth. It's only in movies. Rockets firing from underwater... Fire can't burn under water!

    ... Wah written all over this one...
  8. Upkeep was the weapon, the film was the mission.