Who will no longer be voting Labour?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by knockknee, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. The site manageress in residence (33 years service) went to the hairdressers this morning.

    She returned to recount the discussions she encountered at the salon.

    She explained that the hairdressers is divided one side is for the older ladies and she of course uses the other side (I have found that such aspects of the skipper's stories are best left unremarked)

    But she could hear the older side conversation. And all the old ladies were agreeing they could never ever vote labour again. Immigration, dole scrounging etc.

    The subject of a Polish family came up. The man is a Judo blackbelt who teaches judo to the local primary school as an after hours activity free (our grandaughter is one of his trainees). He does this because he wants to put something back into the country where he has gopt a home and work.

    Well of course immigrants like that you don't mind was the consensus.

    And Ghurkas they are nice we should have more of them.

    Which brought up the subject of our home grown dole scroungers. The air turned blue rinse.

    Er indoors then added to the discussions telling them about our buy to let tenants and their rent arrears. First time they half inched housing benefits was to pay insurance for their seven seater car. Second time it was to pay a gearbox repair. Third time it was to pay for a Haven holiday.

    The reason they can do this and not have it called a crime is new Liarbour's change to Local Housing Allowance lastyear. Making it difficult for landlords to get the rent paid directly by Housing Benefits.

    And the difficulties of getting em out ...

    If I really wanted to upset you hardworking mugs I would tell you how much our tenants score in benefits. He is 32 last worked when he was 18.

    But I think Labour has lost even lifetime voters. (nigh lifetime voters who use the old lady side)
  2. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Lord Mandleson? He is now angling for a job in the next (Conservative) government.
  3. No he is angling to get a position of power to feed his megolomania, think ESU with Tone

    Also I cannot find someone who admits to voting for them last time, had a few say did initially then realised they were hoodwinked
  4. "Who will no longer be voting Labour?"

    Who voted for them in the first place?

    Not smiling any longer are you?

    Then again, are they not all the same? I'd love the job, I could do with a second house and all my meals and living expenses for free.

    Once I get fired for exploiting the system I can get a nice cushy job in Europe doing even worse things.
  5. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Oh I agree he is a megolomaniac. His problem is that he has watched 'The Mikado' too many times!
    But I thought I read a day or so ago that he had offered his services to Cameron, come the next election? I know it is just that he can't stand not being at the root of power.
  6. 1992 all over again. No-one would admit they were going to vote conservative, but they won. And today, just like in 1992 we are again in a recession.

    It would seem that when we are in a recession, we, as a nation tend to keep the same people in, reasoning that a change of leadership would do more harm than good. Or is it we trust the Tories with the nations coffers more than labour?

    Mandelson is right on two things:

    1. The election is still 'up for grabs'
    2. Rebekah Wade is a cünt
  7. As our votes from over here don't really count, it's up to you lot to for once try and do the right thing,use your Brains for once,and think before you put your X on your ballot papers,otherwise,Comrade Cyclopes will ensure that forever and a day Liarbor will rule! You have only you're selves to blame!
  8. this is going to sound weird, and horrid.

    Labour will win, but Mandelson will take the helm.

    it is like a bad, bad dream

    (I have been drinking, but if it happens I claim my £1000)
  9. Yes... I have to confess my sins... I was taken in by the smiling boyish grin of Teflon B'Liar way back in '97...... But is was about 6 months into Neues Arbeits time in governance.... that I rumbled the Sainted Teflon.... He kept on telling such great big feking porkies....... some of the stories he told about his teenage years just did not ring true... so he was caught out several times...

    Then the One Eyed Man next door, went and sold off a big lump of our Gold reserves at knock down prices..... that did it for me.... the gurt big tit.... :roll:

    So...I won't be voting for Nues Arbeits..... I would rather sit eating Goats Cheese than vote for those f*king mongs..... :p
  10. Nobody really liked Blair in 1997 either, but compared to the Grey man bastard Major and his shower of perverts he offered the possibility of change for the better.

    Nobody ever liked New Labour. They just hated the Old Tories. Labour like to call it a landslide, but for the Tories it was a catastrophic collapse which could have been even worse. If new labour had targeted another 100 key marginals, they could have reduced the tories to a rump of 50-70 seats. They decided not too, and kept to a strategy where they had a much more definite chance of winning key seats.
  11. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    Labour?......... NO FECKIN WAY! LibDems?........ Bunch of cardigan wearing pipe smoking softies! Tories?......... Only if they promise, and I mean earnestly promise, a referendum on Europe. I hope the Irish vote aggin it again today. Mind you, I'll vote whatever The Scarey One commands me to....
  12. The question is who to vote for??

    Non of the main stream are any good ,the treehuggers et al dont attract enough votes buy a long chalk making that vote useless .
    Dont get me started on The BNP and their scum bag ilk

    So has it become Hobson's choice ??
  13. I'm sure there will be an independant in your constituancy that you can vote for.

    Probably won't get in and it will be like firing the blank round in a firing squad.
  14. Anyone who owns a house or has job