Who will have me??

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by sgtforce101, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. Ok who wants me??Not exactly desperate but just after my divorce I need to feel human again.I'm 28 male 5" 11 and a half (the half is important) and am currently a serving soldier based in the south east.I have brown hair and eyes and am in supreme physical condition as I'm a P.T.I (I know I know) I'm also willing to travel to meet.My looks can best be described as Ben Affleck meets Leo Dicaprio (If you don't believe me I'll send a picture to you).I would like to meet someone in my own age range 21-30 and female.No squaddie c**k hunters please I get that enough locally.So post on here and I'll get back to you.P.S I know this seems quite desperate but to be quite honest the locals are hounds and have been round all the mess's twice and to be quite honest even if I double bag it I might catch something nasty.
  2. Ben Affleck and Leo Sayer?

    What a combination...... Come on you lucky ladies!!!!
  3. Ben Affleck, is that before he was fat, after he lost weight, or after he got fat again?
  4. Think about how he looked in Daredevil an your there.
  5. Fat, blind and wear a lot of red leather?

    You'll be beating them off with a stick (pun unintentional).

  6. Send me a photo mate. Can you travel to Manchester?
  7. Bloody marvelous! The only LIVE one in months and Gunny pulls him!

    Beebs :(
  8. In 23 years I've not met one PTI in supreme physical condition! Congratulations, you must be the first!
  9. 10th Nov OK for you?

    Hen party on the 8th. Dust your hats off girls. Beebs is giving me away (she couldn't sell me), Lynxy is Maid of Honour, Loz is the page boy. PTP is the minister.

    Make sure you get me some good presents.
  10. Damn the Missus caught me looks like I'm really gonna have to marry Dale (gulp!!).Oh well suppose it could be worse at least I get inside the cold hard shell of the slug.That and she makes a cracking brew.This means dust off your two dress and mess dress for the reception.Gentlemen an arrse crawl is called for the stag do 8th of november.No strippers please (Dale would kill me.)
  11. Damn! Shame I'm too old for you (32). Well preserved mind. ;)
  12. sgtforce101, have you pulled yet FFS or are you still cracking them out between press ups and mirror checks?!
  13. I think sgtforce is ARRSEs very own George Michael...
  14. What a fcuking Loser!
  15. Yeah but does he PUSH BACK??????????????????????