Who will be the next Prime Minister ?

How about MDN that would put the cat amongst the pigeons. :lol:
La Chiccolita the Italian Porn Star and fascist MP.

Failing that there's always Arnie if he looses California :lol:
it seems to me any old clown will do, just look at the last 2!
we need some one to strap on a set, may be they could invite maggie for
a guest appearance!

get rid of tony big ears blair, the tosser!!
Jack Straw
How about me???...My policies will include:-

1. Tree huggers will be shot.
2. Looney lefties will be shot.
3. Illegals will be shot.
4. CO 16 SR will be shot (personal thing) :oops:
5. Those public sector worker who are flavours of the current government...will be offered an alternative (with the exception of the Fire Service)....to be shot or help with the shooting.
6. The Civil Servants who introduced Pay Cut 2000...guess wot?...correct...will have their reproductive organs ripped off.
7. Massive increase in pay and perks for all unmarried members of the Armed Forces.....and pads forced to live in single accom.
8. Foreign policy...nuke the French.

Enough..I know I've already got the votes!

Right wing....not at all!!!! :D
PartTimePongo said:
Jack Straw
Bloody hell PTP how do you do it? You posted this ages ago and now it looks almost a racing certainty.

Breaking news today has JS the one voice of reason that was not listened to by President Blair.

The one voice in the cabinet (with the obvious exception of the ones that left) who was prepared to be quite upset at the thought of going to war in the Gulf. Obviously not upset enough to do anything other than... well.... do nothing actually, but clearly very upset anyhow.

Just by chance the story hits the streets just as Jack is away at a really important conference that is trying to sort out the mess, that although he was very much against, he supported because loyalty is sometimes the most important of a politicians qualities.

The King is dead, long live King Jack.
There will be more surprises this week.

"And now for our French Listeners , Jack and Michel are going to the fair"

(For the history buffs) :wink:

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