Who will be the next leader of the party?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hellfyyr, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. If you follow my posts you will see that I follow politics quite closely. I am a constant critic of the Labour government, not because I am a fan of the Conservative Party but because I believe they have made a mess of the UK and everything they have done during the past ten years other than presenting themselves as something they are not. I don't think I need to list all their failings as you will all instantly think of a great deal of these without my prompting.

    The focus in the media has been that the Conservatives (Cameron) are failing to nail Labour down but I disagree. It is the same old story, they (Labour) have no policy of their own being merely reactive to the media and whatever is being discussed by the opposition.

    I believe that this approach will finally end in an election failure this time and they will go into meltdown (party debts, MPs who jumped ship from other parties or joined Labour for the wrong reason).

    So rather than speculating on who might replace David Cameron or Sir Menzies Campbell, which is what Labour want you to think about; who will replace Gordon Brown when he fails to lead Labour to re-election?

    I think this is a story the media have thought about but are holding (as they fear being the first to discuss this in case they look stupid). It is about time this was discussed seriously as Labour has failed and the the only way we can address our problems is with a new government, not New Labour...
  2. You seem to follow them closely, but with little understanding - a bit like a pig with a Rolex.
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Hey cuddles has gordon slipped you a crippler or are you just feeling belligerent tonight? :D
  4. Paris Hilton? Brian fwom Big Bwuther?
  5. Instead of drivel at least offer a reasoned opinion... Back up why I am so wrong or have such limited understanding. Your posts are normally quite compos so to say I am disappointed is a bit of an understatement.

    I also suggest that you try to answer without referring to the last posts you have read; that's not really original thought is it?
  6. I suspect Straw fancies his chances but will fail. How about Milliband?
  7. The Conservatives have a saying that you never see their leaders coming. I don't think this can be said of Labour going by the past three leaders they have had.

    If we get enough sensible answers maybe it's worth a poll being added; we'll see!
  8. Or evenVAZ he seems to be posturing at the moment
  9. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Denis Healey! Best leader we never had.
  10. Unfortunately most of the great unwashed British public don't agree. They voted Blair back in last time and will probably give Gordon the Grabber another chance next time. He can then retire (after being Chancellor for 10 years and PM for at least 6) and that's when the Tories will have their chance. I, personally, cannot believe the voters were so naive last time and it's one of the reasons (the main reason to be honest) I'm baling out. As I've posted before, I love Britain but this is not the Britain I love. The rot did start before the Blair era but it has just got worse and worse. Look at most of the posts on the site about kids shooting each other, kids stoning people to death, the absolute travesty of the way the Forces are being treated. etc etc etc. And yet still the British public votes for the party who will maintain their high standard of benefits knowing they can rely on the Yooman Rites faction to keep them out of trouble.
    IMO I think Brown will call an election next year and get back in. I hope I am massively wrong on this and justice prevails but I also can't see any of the other lot making much of a difference in the first couple of years. Maggie tried to make things fairer by bringing in the Poll tax and see where that got her. Anything that means those who milk the system for all its worth having to finally pay their way will bring down any Government that tries it.
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    Gimme one of what he's drinking... :p
  12. It must be high up the distillation table... Naptha?
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    Chased by absynthe...
  14. Chasing the dragon too I suspect...
  15. "The downfall of a democracy begins when the electorate realizes it can vote itself money."

    Not my quote... But it makes me glad there was a huge rainstorm in Jamaica in 1986 that led me to meet my American wife... :D