Who will be the next Defence Secretary? Place your bets.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tom_of_Bedlam, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. Seeing as old two-jobs Des has been taking a right pounding on every news-outlet for the past 24 hours, I thought we might as well open the book on who will replace him in the impending reshuffle.

    The only thing is, I consider myself a bit of a political junkie and I can't think of a single Labour MP capable of taking on the brief. Any Suggestions?

    Please Please Please not Eric Joyce *shudders*
  2. The LIARbor party has to take things serious now and realise the importance of the Defence Secretary and employ some one who is keen, enthusiastic and ready to do the job for the troops.

    However they will more than likely pick Benny Hill :x
  3. Richard Branson in the ultimate PFI deal.
  4. Off the top of my head I can't think of a single member of the Labour party that would make a good secretary of state or defence. I hope that I am wrong and they find someone who can/will do a good job.
  5. How about one of the previous Chiefs now sitting in the House of Lords? :salut:
  6. Didn't stop the bastards last time.

    My money's on Ed Balls to add a bit of weight to his 'portfolio'.

    EB: "Hey, I've done Treasury, Education and Defence, how about picking me, Labour Party".

    LP: "Well, it's him or the interchangeable Millibands."

    A Brownite lickspittle ready to take over the mantle when Our Glorious Leader retires?
  7. Well, that appointment would neatly encapsulate 'New' Labour's attitude: "Balls to Defence"
  8. Didn't BH actually serve in the miltary..so he/was already several rungs up the ladder
  9. :D That was damned funny!
  10. I can see Milliband Jnr getting this. (The one no one has heard of). Or Wedgie Benn 2.
  11. I want to see someone who has served in the military in the defense ministers job. There has to be at least one of them. Even better if it is a female. They kick ass.
  12. Hillery Benn, Is the only one, impressed with him as Prisons Minister and as Foreign bloke, visited us on Telic 4, my understanding is Broon dislikes him.....
  13. Nah,its got to be Ruth Kelly,she can get blood out of a stone,and talk her way out of anything,and she is a Hard Line Left Footer,so she has to tell the truth. :headbang:
  14. You just want to see her in a pair of dessies. :D [​IMG]
  15. Lord West of Spithead.