Who will be on OP Telic 2?


I recently heard  a quote that 70% of deployable REME personnel are in the desert. Who is going to take their place on Op Telic 2?

It looks like 5 Bn to take over from 2 Bn (or should that be all REME Bn personnel in Germany) with a TA Bn to take over from 16 Air Assualt Wksp.  :) :) :)

Can the TA muster a Bn out of their 4? It will be interesting to see. Bearing in mind that a few TA have already deployed. :-[ :-[ :'( :'(

any thoughts??????????


Very good point ;)

Guess the ghost of penny pinching is coming back to haunt us - again.

1 Bn are apparently doing a 9 stretch in the Balkans, so they're out of the frame too.

Oh happy days :mad:


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We've (TA) been warned off to supply for Telic 2, if called - probably as formed sub-Units.  Currently. around 270 TA REME are out on Telic 1, and at that rate, allowing for a normal turnover rate, and a shortage of some trades, the TA could probably do about 3 TELICs before grinding to a halt.

A Reg Bn would have to supply Bn HQ though, as TA Bns don't really have one.  Now, who is left in the UK???  ;)


Was in the paper today that both 3 Cdo and 16 Air Asslt were due back to the UK in the near future leaving 7 Bde out there. When 7 change over, surely it'll be with either 4 or 20 Bde (though I know a lot of their manpower is over there as well), so surely either 1 or 3 Bn will accompany them (at least HQ anyway) bolstered by any other REME around?  ??? ??? ???


Word I have is that it will be a UK Bde on 2, Germany based Bde on 3 - The Bde currently on Trg Year with 1/2 an Inf Bn out there now ;).


There's a workshop worth going cheap in March next year, apply to OC Wksp, 22 Regt RA, Kirton in Lindsay.

Get in quick though or all you'll be left with are the dregs of FRS.
with the prospect of six months on six mnths off looming isnt it time they thought of closing bosnia down and scaling Kosavo down to what bosnia is now or is that to easy besides everyone is getting used to working at a million miles an hour with no QT  ::)


Maggot_on_the_back_decks said:
Rumour control still exists eh?

Well not a rumour but true, a civil servant that works @ an RAF base west of london but not after junc 17 WB of the M4 tells me that some RAF Auxillary Female warned for op Telic, has complained the Pre Deployment trg is to vigourous.
what are the RAF doin that is so vigourous?
Walking maybe, 3 Square meals a day too full to Mention, getting up at 0630 maybe ( a lie in for most)

Now they are looking into it,
Train hard 8itCH Fight easy
Why are you posting on a topic which is 4 years old?
i wonder if we'll ever find saddam?

also, i'm sure the current prime minister will have us all back by Xmas 2003. with those WMDs all acounted for.

it all seems so straight forward, no ulterior motives, in and out job done.

I don't really understand what any of the drivel you just spouted has to do with the REME forum.

I have deleted your first two outbursts, and will continue deleting any more drivel, please save inane rants for the naafi bar.



Your right Drivel,
:worship: to be up front being a novice on this site i never realised the latest comment to any post no matter how old i was replying to, went to the top of the forum, the older we get we never stop learning, I am :oops: now,
regards maggot
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