Who will be left standing when the Afghan war ends?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, May 18, 2008.

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  1. May 18th, 2008
    Who will be left standing when the Afghan war ends?
    Posted by: Myra MacDonald
    Tags: Pakistan: Now or Never, Afghanistan, Indochina, John McCain, NATO, Qaeda, Taliban, United States, Vietminh, Vietnam

    “War does not determine who is right — only who is left.” (Or so said the British philosopher and anti-war activist Bertrand Russell.) So who is going to be left standing once U.S. and NATO forces have finished battling it out with the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan?

    Republican presidential candidate John McCain came out with some interesting comments in a speech in Ohio last week on where he sees Afghanistan at the end of his first term in office in 2013, if he were to be
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  2. Can we last out against those tactics?
  3. I am betting it will be the Taliban who ultimately, and unfortunately, prevail.
  4. Your abit Pro Islam infidel zionist wnakers tonight arnt you. :lol: :D

    as the saying goes England Prevails! , We will eventually get it sorted, all we need to do is say we are going to leave once the taliban and militiant forces stop attacking and fund the new goverment and occasionally check and keep a few "advisors" around, In my opinion its the only way it is going to work. We cant beat these cowards using warfare no matter how good we are. I guess im trying to say It comes down to diplomacy on who is going to "win"


  5. Really we did'nt prevail the last tried it on in Afghanistan in the 1800's we got hammered except for one man they left alive or don't you know your history Cal and at the time we had the Empire and controlled most of the world.
    Same story with the Russians and they had unlimited manpower.
    Can't see us winning this time either and thats not being pro Taliban wnaker .......just realistic
  6. what is the exit stratergy and the criteria that has to be met before a withdrawal, my opinon is based purely on the media coverage but are we achieving anything? its seem there isnt the manpower to hold the ground and an endless stream of enemy prepared to die for their cause. Will the Afghan forces ever be up to the job and when weve left will they not concede areas of Afg that they believe are un-holdable, its a big bad underfunded sorry mess and a withdrawal will come when it is politically expedient to do so.
  7. Afgan is just a bit to one side of the map to iraq, which just so happens to be either side of a major @axis of evil country'

    I hav e piont , but its late and i'm pissed So good night;
  8. let's face it, no-one of it's 5 neighbours bother with it so it must be one angry bugger!! We'll leave a reasonably good army, a corrupt police force, lots of concrete and Hesco and the leftovers of a labour government. Unfortunately we'll also leave behind too many lost souls and damn fine young men!

    We'll be there for years providing support and neither side'll oust the others..we'll fight the long war against terrorism and they'll recruit against the infidels!

    What will be left is exactly what was there when we went in, not alot of anything worth anything and too many with even less of nothing!

    You don't fight people that are not scared to die because you can't put the fear into 'em!

    Unfortunately this wars already lost and we're just sending over marked cards that haven't signed for the round with their names on!
  9. Sad but true.
  10. Britain never needed or really wanted to conquer Ganistan it,s interest was in securing the North West border of India, The Jewel in the Crown of the old British Empire.
    UK got involved in the current War as part of the NATO commitment to support the USA post 9/11.
    Once there was nothing to be made out of Ganistan but War and the inhabitants have fought every invader since before Alexander.
    Now mineral riches have been discovered so we may expect the rising giants of the orient to slowly become involved.
    The vast opium trade of recent years can only happen if a neighbor allows transit for Ganistan is a land locked country.
    The Taliban can only succeed if they have a neignbouring state that allows weapons to be imported via their soil.
    The US bribed Pakistan to allow this during the Russian war and now Pakistan still seems to allow some and Iran is also so accused.
    Victory is now a matter for Governments, the troops on the ground will never be defeated and success by the Taliban will only happen if the western governments sell out the men fighting the war they have been committed to.
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  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Its a concern that we are committing to possibly decades of war in a country where no one ever seems to prevail for more than a few years before it all goes to ratshit.
    It may be the end of western alliances such as NATO especially as we know it!
  14. Shoot me down in flames if I am wrong. But I think that history shows that 'No One' has ever been victorious in Afghanistan.
  15. Well the Afghans seem to hve done ok over the years :wink: