Who Will Be Effected By VENG (Variable Engagement)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crazymab, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. its supposed to come in april 08, but so far havent seen any details on who it will effect and will people getting towards the end of their time in the army.... i am out in june next year and was wondering if anyone knows any details.
  2. Im looking into it myself but still have over 2 1/2 left, seen quite a bit about it but nothing finalised as far as Im aware (Im REME) was a bit in Craftsmans mag last month. If I see/hear anything will let you know but Im thinking its the Army's way of getting us to do a few more tours after our 22 :roll:
  3. I'm affected by VADGE. Does this help?
  4. Whole page on it in this months Craftsman, had a brief last week and the Corps (REME) are looking at approx 380 slots at stage 3, CEG's to be worked out in a bun fight (Last bit made up, rest true)
  5. Each Corp/Arm will be looking a V Eng differently, and be trying to use it to stem their current manning crisis. If you are in a pinch point trade expect to be included in V Eng.

    In reality it will be those who are just joining up and those with less than 12 years service who may benefit most from V Eng. If benefiting is the right word! Moving the career out to 35 years will have a dramatic effect on promotion and may also effect LE commissioning with some present LE posts filled by WO1’s in the later years of their service.

    I personally believe that V Eng could be a good thing, but I have little faith that the bean counters who run the show, along with the conehead officers (who overestimate their own contribution to the set of rules which go with an initiative like this) will provide a solution which will make the terms and conditions better for the average enlisted soldier.

    However, I wait with baited breath for someone who really knows what they are talking about to enlighten us all. It may be a long wait.
  6. is this a regular thing or a ta thing or both,? ive never heard of it
  7. Sorry just noticed its on TA thread, All I know on regular side is its a kind of revamp of the old LSL and coming in like W_F_G stated above, but details are still sketchy. Im not sure whats happening with TA side?
  8. Not at all sure this is a TA thing at all.

    There are changes in the rules on the way for TA soldier engagements to mirror the recent changes to officers TOS.

    Officers can now serve to age 60.

    The V Eng thing is just for Regulars isn't it. Certainly when I was at the MS Conference in Glasgow last year and it was being dicussed I never had any thought it was going to be used for the TA.
  9. Sorry for all the confusion, "Dummy" me posted the question in the wrong forum but chose just to leave it instead of reposting it.
    if it has caused confusion i am sorry, as far as i know it is only a reglar thing .

    thanks anyway and if anyone could find out it would be good.

    i am artillery for my sins anyway
  10. I thought VENG might result in long serving regs eventually replacing the NRPS.