Who, what or where best symbolises modern Britain?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml;jsessionid=GEOMXIYXT0VRNQFIQMFCFFOAVCBQYIV0?view=BLOGDETAIL&grid=F11&blog=yourview&xml=/news/2007/02/08/ublview08.xml

  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Brighton has been full of stalwart Labour supporters for years (aka junkies, drop-outs, work-shy, whinging, dreadlocked and/or gay).

    Brighton represents a Labour ideal. Fortunately, it doesn't represent the majority of right-thinking people in the UK.
  3. Saw this in the comment section of the article, agree 100%

    What symbolises modern Britain? Having to take food into a hospital for my friend because the nurses kept forgetting him at the end of the ward.
    My 6 year old having two teachers because they are jobsharing and their rights are more important than the the rights of the 30(yes) pupils. One of them is now on long term sick/maternity leave so she has actually had 6 teachers this year alone.
    Discovering that the meat at the hospital canteen is halal because it is easier for the cooks.
    Being told by 18 year olds that social security is a right but that working is optional.
    Paying for hundreds of thousands of illegitimate children because it suits the parents not to marry.
    Being forced to help fund the BBC knowing that it will propagate values that I despise.
    Having to argue with my wife about her wish to emigrate more and more every year.
    Feeling that one does not belong in London anymore despite having lived there for 10 years and being married to a cockney.
    Listening to politicians and realising that labour are as corrupt and self serving as the the tories were, the tories are as incompetent as the labour party were, and the libdems will lie about being led by an alchoholic to get elected.
    The nanny state interfering in my life more and more every year.
    ID cards- everyone knows why they were abolished in the 50's but because the technology exists and there is a profit to be made, the realisation that a police state is being set up by ignorant politicians who fail to understand that they are giving the state too much power and that their successors may not be as benign as they are.
    Gordon Brown. He has nearly bankrupted the country and now he wants to be our glorious leader. Will there be a country left when he and his cronies have finished?
    Finally, being proud to be born English but regretting that my children will never understand how fantastic this country was, even in my youth let alone my parents'
  4. Jade Goody. ignorant, ugly, vulgar, ill educated, and paid large quantities of money to be so.
  5. Knowing that the woods and fields I played in as a child are not availbale to my children as they are now housing estates and by-passes.
    Knowing that I pay taxes to 'pay' those who do not deserve them or are are placed in projects which fails with alarming regualrity. All in the knowlege that those responsable will not be held to account.
    Knowing that service to your country is viewed as being a 'failure', whilst being an uneducated chav who is allowed media space is 'sucess'.
    Being part the majority whilst being treated as the minority and not having my views respected because of this.
  6. What represents Britain..

    Pensioners freezing to death whilst Billions pour overseas in aid.
  7. It's a tossup between the chav culture represented by jade & the implementation of HMG that the majority view must bend over backwards to accomodate minority/extremist segments of the population
  8. Nothing left to say except its a fcucking shame. (I am a Sweaty and still agree with all said above!)
  9. fat chicks
  10. It is the sight of responsible adults reluctantly standing by as children are allowed to turn feral by stupid socialist laws. The unspoken rules of society are now being legislated for, thus, incompetently prescribing what a functioning society always did. So I think the cuff round the ear must be a symbol of what England is now. A cuff round the ear followed by 18 months in the legal system as the CPS goes above and beyond their usual jobs worth efforts.
  11. Mong statement of the week

    Does it taste any different?

    What symbolises modern Britain?

    Not having a jumped up fcuking tory government.
  12. That's not the point and you know it.
  13. I think the label 'mong-statement' is more appropriately stuck on you mate!

    Does it matter if it tastes any better or worse? We have certain standards for humane slaughter of animals, that have come as part of centuries of development and enlightenment, but because a section of society believe that it is their religious right to slaughter animals inhumanely, councils and government relent to appease the afore mentioned section of society.

    Why should the views of a gobby minority be given preference over the views of the silent majority, or are you one of the 'cultural diversity' fanboy? :thumbdown:
  14. Mong statement of the week. I do a little work in one of the only abattoirs in Herefordshire. Where I discovered that ALL, yes ALL Beef and Lamb is stunned as per usual and then it is bled out by an imam, who mutters a prayer, as is their custom. And it is fantastic Herefordshire beef and lamb, which is also Hallal.