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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by jesse, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. I'm a silly old sod and an old and bold former Navy. Over on R.R. we old bastards re live
    Pompy pubs like The Albany, The Lennox, The Wiltshire Grey, The Sussex, White Swan , Kepples Head, The Blamoral and so on and on. The Ladies, using the term very loosely there was Irish Pat, all her tattoos were spelt right, Gordie Joyce, , Black Kath, her clothing not skin, and never forgetting,pause for fanfare, Big Silve . This was the 50s early 60s What were your pubs and who were your ladies of that time?
  2. Colchester.... The Waggon and Horses, The Robin Hood, The Butchers Arms, The Lamb and The Silver Oyster(?).... The only 'lady' that stands out was affectionately known as 'Batflaps' :nod:
  3. Chatham/Brompton/Gillingham : The 2 Sawyers, The Viscount, The Lord Louis
    Chepstow: The Boat, The White Horse, The Vine, The Grapes
    Saffron Walden: Queen Liz - Now houses, White Horse - Now Starbucks, The Cross Keys, Temairaire
  4. You forgot the Cannon, all night drinking sessions! Yorkie is no longer with us, I am not sure if that standard has dropped.
  5. Bugger yep the forgot that one, the night club in the Hotel as well. If you include the Rochester Mile there were a few down there, including the Eagle, The Tower, the one at he bridge but can't remember it.
  6. If you're referring to the one on the corner it's called the crown now.
  7. Esther the matelot molester, Union St Plymouth.

    Still around.
  8. Fond memories of the The Tube and Boobs down that way.
  9. Gosport, "The Fox", Southampton "The Juniper Berry", Famgusta "The Palms Bar", "Polas" "The Spifire" hic!
  10. Well. There was the Corner Bar in Spandau, the Green Windows in Osnabruck, the Nee Soon Bar in Singapore, the Colinton Inn near Redford Barracks, the Ensign Ewart in Edinburgh, to name a few watering holes that provided feminine companionship and slaked many a Jock's thirst.
  11. 1988 Brams in Arborfield, Country Club in Bordon and peroxide PAT, Ritz, Joannas and Peggy Sue's in Portsmouth.1989-1994 Subways, Broadways, Limberg and Miami Vice in Osnabruck. Jetsets, New York and Bogarts in Hengelo and a female resembling an eskimo.Sly's in Ripon, Horse shoe and Kokamos on Larnaca strip, Akrotiri Arms with plenty of holidaying females on show
  12. The red dog (aka Bramshill Hunt) Bordon, - Chanelle (who could pull a train), and the blond lass who worked in Westcourt.

    The Birdcage, Disco Ku and the 2002 bar in Lippstadt - Heike the biker, Heike the horse, Mrs R*ta C**k, Mrs AQMS, Shona & Doris.
  13. Surely you mean in Arborfield???? as above on mine.Bramshill Hunt - ARRSEpedia
  14. Colchester, The Wagon and Horses, The Bull, The Grapes. Katy piss flaps was a regular on camp, even stopping at the guardroom on the way out. Classy girl :) I wonder if she ended up marrying a young squadie.Sent from crappy Dii, so I should be working.
  15. The Mighty Fine in Portsmouth. One of the barmaids only had one arm and there was a dwarf collecting glasses. My mate tried to balance a pint pot on his head as he walked past and got a pool cue in the bollocks for his troubles.

    Joanna's was a dodgy club in Southsea. The night I visited, the Yanks were in town and there was a gang bang going on in one of the alcoves. The girl in the cloakroom was giving one Yank sailor a blowjob as she threw coats over the back and handed out tickets with her free hand. Next door was another quality club done up like a Roman ampitheatre. Saw a guy get the shit beaten out of him by the doormen after he pissed through the bars onto one of the scantily-clad girls dancing in a cage.