Who was the WO2 at the Wimbledon Finals

My boss was a WO2 usher (?) at the '96 Toutnament which was extended to the Monday due to rain. I had to collect him so wife and I got in free and saw most of the mixed doubles final on centre court. Great day out.
afghanman said:
Who was the RMP WO2 at the Wimbledon Finals today and yesterday and how did he get to secure such a cushy gig?
Not being too much of a spotter but.. he was wearing an Officers lanyard, so I'm presuming WO1!
Don´t think I could be bothered with that 2s shining and standing around in the pavilion or whatever the tennis equivialent is.
What about the money? I've heard you can get up to four figures for a fortnight?
There is a DIN out on it. You take leave to do it but get paid Subsistence allowance for the 2 weeks you are there. . . . and all the taggy you can get your mitts on!

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