Who was the soldier who laughed............

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mukhabarat2003, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. At or around 0445z this morning [16/06] I alighted from a 52 bus outside the Royal College of Art, London and saw Horse Guards and/or QLG exercising their Mounts.

    As I walked quickly up the pavement and facing them I noticed the two leading riders were sporting 3 pips apiece. [For the purpose of ident I am 5ft 10ins tall with grey hair cut to a No 2 and wearing navy blue polo shirt, navy blue trousers, black magnums and carrying an all black rucksack]

    On seeing this I said loudly 'Morning Rupert' and attracted a really sh*te look from the one nearest the kerb who was perhaps the brighter of the two.

    Towards the rear of that group I heard suppressed laugh and a snigger and it didn't come from the Sgt who was the last mount.

    So - who laughed?
  2. Brian. Or was it his wife? :?
  3. Rupert..............
  4. Rodney
  5. itwasntme
  6. You're all lying, it was Ted
  7. And Ged
  8. I am sparticus!
  9. The officer who didn't look at you was probably called Tarquin, and was thinking "That oik can not possibly be addressing me".
  10. every soldier in the world posts on this website. own up.
  11. It was Geraldine (RHA, on attachment).