Who was the Patronising BT lady in the Scots Indyref campaign?

Who is this actress? Anyone know? Haven't seen her before and I expect she may not be getting much work again North of the border.

For those who were not treated to this delight, she was the star of the Better Together ad which aimed to sway the female vote. Widely considered to be sexist and patronising.

My friend Google has let me down, apart from telling me that M&C Saatchi was the ad agency involved. The ad industry used to maintain info on ads in trade journals, such as the music. But my Google-fu must be low
Patronising BT Lady tumblr_nb0uwyGyof1sdtp17o1_1280.jpg
I don't care, and if the inventor of the world wide web heard that you were wasting your life on such trivia he'd be really pissed off. Switch off your computer and go out and meet people........

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