who was the most annoying person during training ?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by olddearhunter, Aug 28, 2005.

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  1. who was the most annoying/worst/most incompetent / brown noser/laminated biffchit faker/flapper/alcoholic etc that you went through with at Phase 1(Int Corps obviously) or Templer, including Transferees...?

    This might be tricky as it may identify which squad you were in...so in the beginning we can also include Holding Battalion and the DS.

    Come on, and give us enticing clues to these creatures who are now out there in the Sections (and elsewhere)...

    This could be fun as they may even hold fairly senior rank these days...

    If you dont wish to name names(dont !!!! ...but maybe initials?) then very good clues from embarrasing incidents will do!

    PS its a bank holiday sunday and ive just escaped from a very boring social get together, where i have been quaffing stella as it was on offer at sainsburys...so please forgive me if this post is out of order....

  2. (mid-2000) A seriously annoying girl who was convinced that everything was a racist conspiracy against her... Mc-something. I can remember her doing a "injury dive" in PT that she should have got an Oscar for, the squad was so impressed everyone just ran past her.
  3. A Bloke from a Squad not so long ago who was the most annoying idiotic self centred jack c**t..and to top it all he was a bast**d welshman..not that theres anything wrong with the welsh but he has not been the greatest embassador for their kind!!

    Its a Bank Holiday..which means only one thing....IM GONNA GET OFF MY SWAD DRUNK!!!!!! OOOOOOOHHHH YEEEEAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!
  4. recruits.
  5. When it comes to DS there can only be one winner. More years ago than I care to remember, Trg Coy as it was then in Ashford, had a female CSM. The problem wasn't that she was female. It was that she couldn't do drill, any form of PT, wasn't the slimest of girls and had no military bearing whatsoever. From those that were there at the time, I believe she also dropped a pace stick on a passing out parade (apparently squad 135ish). Due to the fact she was an utter biff, she was short toured. Yet she still picked up her WO1, shocking. Oh, and she was a darksider............
  6. I dont suppose this fella was a backsquadee from 175 into 176 by any chance? who thinks hes fcuking brilliant at EVERYTHING?
  7. The most annoying person in my intake at Ashford (apart from me) was one of the DS - a QLR chappy - who failed every BFT (as they were then), was always in the shit with the CSM (an absolute legend who came to a bad end, unfortunately), and was the mortal enemy of my own Sect Comd - a rather odd individual who liked to shoot people on the parade square from the third floor of the block with his air rifle.

    Ahhhh...happy days indeed! :D

    I'd love to go for a beer with that CSM now - what a truly top bloke.
  8. In my (TA) squad it was the TA DS from Trg Coy (Motto: Clueless and Proud Of It) then, definitely, me. In a squad utterly stacked with floggers I was the easily fattest, most annoying and most frequently drunk.

    Good fun, though. I also passed the unofficial Skeletor Selection System.

  9. Deleted by MOD for pointless trollery.
  10. Was the Sect Comd in the Corps? Was he the same Sect Comd that was undone by an incident with an air rifle whilst at ATR Winchester?
  11. The most annoying bloke in my squad was an individual who, thankfully, no longer graces our glorious Corps. Going by the initials SA, this sad pathetic wretch had but one purpose in the squad, to unify the entire squad into hating him. I can still picture the image of said person with a big hand clasped firmly around his throat whilst being told, and I quote "If you spent as much time in the shower as you do in bulling you boots, maybe someone may like you." Didn't do the trick though. He had one of those smirks permenantly fixed to his face that just made you want to punch him repeatedly.

    Squad members will probably remember him as Yot eye yan (phonetic spelling). This was a cantonese version of a name that the CSM banned us from calling him. I don't think he (SA not the CSM) ever worked out what it meant. It was a good job that he left the Army a few years after passing out at Ashford as he was the sort of person who would abuse his position of power, had he ever have held it. Examples of which include, ordering one of his squad members to carry his rifle in the other hand whilst on patrol, so he could hold his own in a more comfortable position, bizarre. The worst was a story that was recounted to me a few years later, which I can't confirm was true but sounds like the sort of thing he would have done. He was working at the a large HQ and started getting quite friendly with a young WRAC girl. After a while, he asked her out but was turned down. Instead of accepting the rejection gracefully, this pethetic specimen then started threatening her that he could get her vetting revoked unless she agreed to go out with him. Thankfully, the young girl, panic striken, asked my contact if this was possible and the little pratt was exposed.

    Thankfully. he left the Army not long after and the last I heard, from the same source, he was an executive in an NHS trust somewhere. The story does not end there however. After taking up his new post, SA had great pleasure in telling my source that he his new position was equivelant to a Brigadier. Tw@t
  12. I do believe that the particular Sect Comd you are talking bout is now a rock-ape :)
  13. C**** B****. ;)

    Top chap as well, now I come to think of it...

    Edited to add: Nothing to do with the thread, but it's got my brain ticking over. Who could forget the uber-babe D***** B**********? I wouldn't mind using her bum for a hat.
  14. Hmmm, What TA squad were you?.......
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