Who was the last TA Sigs to be mobilised?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bibo_boy, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. Hands up who was the last TA Sig bod to be mobilised (not incl. Kos!)?
  2. Whats wrong with Kos? As it happens I have guys away in Afghan and Iraq...
  3. Unless anybody has had a go in Jan, possibly the team that went out to Basra in Dec?
  4. Nothing wrong with Kos. WH.... Great tour with lot's of Comms opportunities...

    Just wondered about sandy tours....?

    So I'm a correct in saying people are moving through CVHQ quite nicely?

    Cool :)
  5. Oh yes CVHQ is very busy, however Kos this week has had 3 bombs and half a dozen shootings, not at us but they are not happy with the EULEX/UN hand over. Its also got a bit rough up north, the French had a few problems and lost a wagon to a pipe bomb, 3 wounded all walking.
  6. WH UHPM
  7. One called up 5th Jan. Afghan bound. One just back now on POTL
  8. Good to hear people are going, but doesn't sound like many!

    BTW... I'd like to add, I wasn't "dissing the Kos Tour" :) just I don't think that's an option open to me....

    The last I heard was next to no sigs going to sandy places, but hopefully wrong
  9. we've had four go to sandy places out of a (supposed) regiment in the last three or so years and another 3 or 4 go to kosovo. How wank is that when you look at how many infantry bods are deploying!

    What a waste of manpower

    i await polars response where he mumbles on about uk ops and enablers (yawn)
  10. Get a Proper job Bibo and stop Mincing about! :wink:
  11. Thats just from our Tp wich to be fair is pretty specialist and there is a call for our line of work. The attached Sig Sqn has also had a couple recently on Both Sandy tours.
    There is a call for signallers just depends which unit your in backe here I suppose
  12. What... got nothing better to do .... t@@ser!!!!! :)
  13. As far as I know, 81 Sigs have guys on the ground nearly all the time.

    Feel free to correct me, but you best make sure you're right!
  14. We have Sqn members now in Cyprus & Kosovo, and one going out to Afgan this year, 2 in Afgan last year.