Who was the best ever interviewer?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by A Worker, May 26, 2012.

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  1. For me it as got to be Michael Parkinson he had EVERYBODY who was anybody at the time on his show, to a lot of people that show was an institution. Do you have any favourite interviews? Here's a couple but i could put hours on;

    Parkinson interviews Oliver Reed - 1973 - pt1 - YouTube

    Parkinson interviews Oliver Reed - 1973 - pt2 - YouTube

    Parkinson interviews Oliver Reed - 1973 - pt3 - YouTube

    And a laugh;

    KEN DODD. 3 Legged chicken story. For more stuff like this see the link below - YouTube

    There are so many bloody good other one's like with Freddie Starr and Muhammed Ali, that's a classic.

    You like any?
  2. Mods i've ballsed up, could one put this in films and all things artsy ........ta
  3. Parky was a lightweight compared to David Frost.
  4. Who was the best interviewer ever? The one that didn't give you the job.
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  5. Tim Sebastian.
    Two of his Hardtalk interviews stick in my mind, a former 2 I/c of the CIA and Mugabe financier Hugo van Hoostaten (speling)
    They where all but up to violence.

  6. Hanns-Joachim Gottlob Scharff. Probably the world leader in non violent interview techniques.

  7. Paxman. For asking the same question 14 times. Still didn't get an answer though.
  8. Terry Wogan
  9. Susannah Reid tore some guy a new ******** over the Tottenham riots. Up until then I assumed she was just a bit of eye candy, but it seems she's got more about her.
  10. Susannah Reid can interview me any time.
    But would prefer her to go commando as she does it;-)
  11. I always thought Simon Mayo did a good job in his afternoon show on Radio 5 Live, sadly ended by the silly relocation to Salford.
  12. "interviewer" isn't that a spectator who dreams up bone questions instead of getting out there and doing something themselves.....achiever walts.
  13. You won't know the name (KoTB might) but my favourite interviewer is a BBC producer known as Gobby.

    After an aborted attempt to interview Alistair Campbell (he ran off) Gobby shouted after him 'your yesterday's news anyway you ****....' He's always the bloke to call out awkward questions at Downing Street and doesn't give a toss.

    He also 'introduced' i.e set up a situation where Jacqui Smith couldn't avoid her) Joanna Lumley to the Home secretary out side the door to BBC Millbank - the cameras were rolling and so Smith had to agree to meeting.

  14. Give us more. Ta.