Who was OC 204 SigSqn before Elton Davies for Grapple 7?

Any takers? Its bugging the sh1te out of me now. He finished his posting with us up to the end of the UNPROFOR tour then moved on, when ''Awesome Elton the stunt cyclist'' took over. Can't remember his name though, thoroughly nice bloke
Check PM - So sorry for mentioning his name - will round up all the old Soldier Mags that had the interview with him on that tour - also the army red book with his appointment and dates...... oh and the Scottish Sunday Mail that had the spread about his appointment to become CO of...... ooh cant mention it can I ....NAH i CAN 32 SIGS. Ill make sure every publication is sourced and destroyed Look e-l you are not a member of the Spanish Inquisition - if a question is asked and the answer is in the public domain then why cant I or anyone else reply????????????? Too much time one your hands mate? Jog on
and breathe......

I don't give a **** who you name on here to be truthful mate - crack on.

I just noted that your first ever post on this site gave out a real name, which goes against the rather sensible site policy not to use real names.

We all know a lot of the information is public domain and freely available but there are some mongs out there who can't distinguish between what is public knowledge and what isn't and frequently gob off on here about shit they shouldn't be - hence the reason for a blanket policy.

Well done you on being able to distinguish this information yourself though, and thanks for pointing it out both on here and in your wonderfully crafted PM to me.

I would have kept this as PM but you've now switched that option off as well.

Welcome to the site.
Thanks for the welcome, youve answered your own post

"but there are some mongs out there who can't distinguish between what is public knowledge and what isn't and frequently gob off"

It was my first post, I felt compelled to help a lad who had asked a question by naming a subsequent OC in his post - he received no pearls of wisdom on per/op/walt sec from you or any one - so why me? Because it was my first post?

I bow to you great Arrse knowledge - just to help me out can you direct me to the DIN you have obviously authored on this very subject? If I go to the library will it be on the same shelf as FLY FISHING by JR HARTLEY?????? oh - and gob of???? "It was the Irish geezer - Jim McKee = Im sure it was " If thats gobbing off mate I can only apologise - can I hitch a lift to your next rally in Nurenberg?
E layer - TK is right - ping it was - Ill leave the next hazing to you and that will be that hopefully - christ I think Ill just sack this off - Internet abuse???? Im too thick for that - whats the point of a ragging if its not face to face


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