Who was it?!

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Pebble_Monkey, Oct 9, 2005.

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  1. I was using the computers in Robert's Hall yesterday evening and heard a chap constantly chuckling to himself behind me. I thought to myself "wouldn't if be funny if this chap was on ARRSE".

    Lo and behold, as i walked past his computer i stole a glance at his screen to find he was indeed on ARRSE. Unfortunately i did not think up the comment "So you have found your ARRSE then!" until i had left the building.

    At least the 'bug' is spreading!
  2. He could have been laughing because he had found where Napier's smock went?

  3. Rumbled! I was reading the 'Now That's What I Call ARRSE 1'. You've got to read the thread 'Squaddies trying to behave like proper people', I was crying with laughter at some of the stories in there. Absolutely brilliant!
  4. Sky-Monkey,

    I was also in there when you mentioned that thread to the other chap who was in the computer room yesterday!

    I have read that thread - it is absolutley brilliant! Sometimes it is nigh on impossible to keep quiet when reading some threads, especially as you said yesterday, RTFQ is gifted with writing!

  5. As one of the tax-payers who is funding your course (& your increased wages when you are promoted as a result) I am shocked that you are spending time on ARRSE when you should be working, just like I am, err, oh dear, oops

    Good work guys - keep spreading the word ;)
  6. The JSCSC library is also a hotbed of 'arrsism'.

    There were at least 3 sniggering maniacs in there on Friday afternoon... :D
  7. Robs hall now has computers????? Discraceful, when i was there you had to walk all the way to the IT centre only to find you had forgot your passcard...
  8. Last year the computers in Bob's took ages to log on. Now they have updated them so they are really quick to use.

    Saves the walk to the Computer Centre.
  9. I remember when the computing centre was full of Unix workstations for sending (text-only) emails, and about 4 ancient PCs, usually inhabitated by a civillian ISM student - wanking furiously.
  10. Friday afternoon in the library, WTF ICSC(L)ers????
  11. The man's a genius..
  12. Sorry DM - I was waiting for Mrs Doctrinus, so I decided to actually do some work so I could get pi$$ed all weekend...but point taken, it won't happen again!