Who was it said American Officers ACT tough?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by old_bloke, Jul 20, 2006.

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  1. Here again the USA Officer and WO's show how out of touch they are?


    Command Sgt. Maj. Vincent Comacho and Col. Michael Steele showing they have what's needed - and everything else and the sink by the looks of it.

    300 rds and a big knife as well

    Why the Combat Medic Scissors?
  2. Well, why not, he's carrying everything else.

    I suspect that the real answer is that they are so that he can cut himself out of all that velcro when he eats one pie too many...
  3. nice grenade pin too...(do up your smock...blow yourself to shiiit)
  4. Why yes, Mr Iraqi, sure we come in peace. Why do you ask?
  5. They seem to be wearing more kit than I've issued in 11 years of stacking*.

    * Yes I'm aware that I'm leaving myself open for a fall here.
  6. There must be some reason why all those mags are exposed to the open and pouches arent shut...
  7. Isn't it "Eye racki"?
  8. Maybe they're on the range practising their ROE's.

    "Listen up troops, at the unidentified target in front, with 300 rounds, waste that mother fecker."
  9. "This doesnt look like Kansas anymore Dorothy"
  10. It's so they can fall out! Duh

    T C
  11. Has the guy on the left got a thalidomide arm? or just exceptionally limp wrists?
  12. Do these to leader's of men have any idea what they must look like to the Iraqis?

    "Don't worry, we've come to save your country, now you can go about your lives in peace! I'll just wear $5,000 worth protective gear and be bombed up to the eyeballs, but of course it's safe for you to go back to work!"

    I mean, a lot of the people they're dealing with aren't very "hi-teck"... they must look like space aliens with helmets and gadgets and sunglasses! And if you want to carry around 300 rounds (which I'd want to btw) do you have to show that you are?

    T C
  13. Pillager

    No he has the issue elbow protector for when he has to hit the dirt abd supress them Iraqies . Or is it opress ?
  14. Are you gonna feck with them? They won't win your heart or your mind, but they will kill you.

    Imagine trying to get through the rest of your life without either your heart or your mind.

    How's that working out for al-Zarqawi?
  15. Only if you get caught in front of them. If you catch them by surprise from behind the fat and over-loaded fecks will never be able to turn around quick enough to get you.