Who was HEAD BOY? Clean Limbed, Humerous, Symetrically featured...

I never was Head Boy material, in fact, not even considered for Prefect. The easy front row existence of the Head Boy, floppy haired, clean of limb, lithe of body, jocular, if being entirely honest, caused more than a little sneering envy. Having watched them glide through the top form, play Greek Gods in the school play and ignored the awkward squits like I in their journey is it not time to give them a good healthy shoeing, long overdue, as a form of education and loving concern.

The archetypal head boy is clearly Seb Coe, and frankly he's got to be stopped! JUSTICE!:cyclopsani:
Our Head Boy (late 1950s) was a handsome sporting god named Beverly. I didn't envy him one bit.
Our head boy always seemed to have very sore knees
I got the runner up award of being made Vice Captain, I wasn't pretty enough for the top post ....
As a former House Capitain I can only comment on how rarefied the air was in my lofty position as I would gaze down at those beneath me, Sniff!!
Full marks me boy, on both counts.

Once a Sapper always a Sapper.
I was deputy head boy but was in the frame for the top job, but they gave it to a retard called Malcolm from the thickies class, semingly they thought it would motivate the dumbass nutjobs. Didn't though, they were still thicko retards and you should have heard his speech on prize day! Duuuuuuh!

Not that I was bitter or anything, the fucktard.
I was a prefect, which didn't really count for jack shit at my school. I stopped wearing the badge in the end.
My school had . . .

No Head boys or girls
No House Captain, Colonel or any other rank
No Prefect's, Perfect's or nearly-as-good-as' either.

The no-hope ambitiousless non-striving attitude did me well throughout my career. :sad:

Tpr Fat_Cav (Retd)
Jan 86 - 08
Yes, I see, BSL, but I'm afraid it's still wrong! English spelling is such a bitch. (But I won't mention the others if you don't.) ^^
Are you entirely sure? As sure as a sure thing?
Only a prefect I'm afraid - the Head Boy was a proper little Fauntleroy character though who ultimately ended up in prison where, I assume, he now goes by a female nom-de-cock.

And he was half-French to boot.
At my place of education (cannot call it a school)in 1959 the head boy was a hard case called 'Slasher Mulligan',he enjoyed nutting the teachers and used to give everyone a deadleg for no reason,,,As luck would have it he hardly ever attended,the teachers didn't have the guts to expel him,he ended up as a alcoholic ......
The Head boy (A simpering Yes man with floppy Duran Duran hair and the ability to wind up his peers just by being in the same country) of my year was tipped to take over his dads international drilling company, the world was his.....
Well that was until his (Head boy not the Dad) massive heroin overdose half way through the sixth year put stop to it, but on the up side we raided his fine collection of grot mags, well you wouldn’t have wanted his poor mum to have had the shame in finding them!
So a win win for us free porn and him dead.
Well, there you go. Humour, humourless but humorous. No wonder furriners (apart from Spams) tear their hair out!
We had a head boy and a head girl.

Our head girl was called Anne Kirkbride and although she was quite lusted after by us 1st and 2nd form proles she was unsufferably snooty and thought she was something hugely special.

So special in fact that she later became Deirdre Barlow in that famous tale of northern working class folk 'Coronation Street' where she remains to this day.

The headmaster must have been immensely proud of his protégé :roll:

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