Who wants to write a british Soldier?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by TankersAngel, Apr 16, 2008.

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  1. Okay, we've got some submissions today. I've got an email with a list of british soldiers from Royal Marines to Scots Guards. We've got plenty of writers from the USA but we are also looking for more people from the UK. I know there are lot of people on here who are supporting the troops and writing a letter doesn't take much time but it has a huge impact on the moral. If you want you can also adopt one of these soldiers. Adopting a Soldier would mean that you would at least write one letter per week and send one parcel per month. If you can two parcels. They don't have to be expensive.

    If you would like to join us please go over to our website www.soldiersangelseurope.org and fill in the form you can find under "JOIN THE TEAM"

    We want to make sure that every single of our soldiers receives at least two letters per week during their time downrange. We do not only have british Soldiers. We have soldiers from many different countries.

    We are still a small team but we are growing constantly and one letter or card MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!

    And if you are a Soldier serving downrange, get yourself an Angel :)

    Also we are still looking for more people from the UK to join our Wounded TLC Team.

    Happy Angeling and let's keep those wings flapping
  2. Damn, that was quick. Two sign ups allready. You all are so awesome, thank you so much for all your support!!!!

  3. In line with the request in the thread-title:


    There, five times! If you need any more, gizza shout.

    Nebenbemerkung. Liebes Engelchen, es ist taktisch immer sicherer, sich nach den Sprachgeflogenheiten des jeweiligen Landes zu richten. Während "to write a soldier" allemal für Septics (sprich: Amis) angebracht ist, wäre "to write to a soldier" die richtige Ausdruckweise für eine Website der britischen Armee.

    Nichts für ungut, nur so mal nebenbei.

  4. Yep done it :)
  5. Ja ich weis. Meine Dozenten (alle miteinander Briten) sagten ich sollte beim US Englisch bleiben da bei mir Hopfen und Malz verloren wären. Wenn man mich reden hört kann man mich von einem Amerikaner nicht mehr unterscheiden LOL. Ich will niemanden verärgern bin aber dankbar für jede Korrektur :)

    However besides here I am just about to get a SWAP together. A SWAP is a lot of fun and they more people join they better it is. Okay now back to the emails. In the next hour I will answer every submission right away and the US Angels are joining us too. So they will get a truck load of letters which is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I just wanted to post an update. Via the SWAP we've got in just one night a 100 Letters for the British Troops to be send. And by the end of this week I am sure that they will get a truck load more and that is just from the US site. In addition with the British we may get about 600 letters and cards together for 26 (plus the two larger groups) British Soldiers!!! And many offered to send parcels too.

    Everybody is doing such a great job, it makes me speechless. Within those 26 Soldiers there are two larger groups (that would make them all in all around 500) who share the letters. They more we get together they better it is :)

  7. Anyone know if this website is still up and running? Half the pages appear to be down at the moment.

    If anyone is interested in sending or receiving letters then our service is free to UK armed forces and we have a glut of female users at the moment wanting to write to guys on deployment.