Who wants to throw in a few quid?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Muntie McSporrin, Mar 29, 2011.

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  1. It's a deal, it's a steal, it's the sale of the ******* century!

    Disposal Services Authority

    First few ideas:

    - Cruise the Caribbean, putting the wind up Castro (and nicking his cigars).

    - Drop anchor off the coast of East Africa, take pot shots at passing pirates.

    - Just fack around the Med, paying our way by flogging Duty Free.

    PS: Mods - come on, this *is* Current Affairs :)
  2. Thats fukcing awesome. Had i the money i would buy that and sail up the Clyde to work, who needs to pay for road tax and fuel.
  3. If we all chipped in, we could form a co-operative. I'm not joining the quest for the golden rivet though or taking any turns in the barrel. Winking Smiley.
  4. I reckon you could make a few quid of the government, deporting illegal immigrants back to their country of origin, instead of them chartering a plane for thousands of pounds, they could charter the Ark.

    Say 100 quid ahead, per soap dodging immigrant, times say a couple of thousand immigrants.

    Anyone reckon I should forward that on, to arrange a viewing, obviously, I wouldn't call them soap dodgers. More like unfortunate blokes and ladies, who never won the lottery of their lives.
  5. better keep it stum from the Liberals as well if you fdon't want them to make comparisons to the slave ships.
  6. She would be a repatriation ship, just like those repatriation planes that cost the ******* country a fortune as well as the 1000 quid per head they get to leave the ******* country.
  7. True we could always use the post war demob in the pacific as an example , As for a want of cargo on the way back could we pick up tourist clubbers and charge say £300 a head for the chance to be on the biggest booze cruise ever? retrofit the elevators as prefab DJ booths and charge say £6 a drink ?. Its then just a simple case of hosing down the decks at either end and then switching roles. A literal case of rinse and repeat.
  8. All at the same time generating some tax revenue for HMRC, so it would offset the cost per immigrant to ship them back.
  9. owww 3 x type 42 destroyers for sale also
  10. Bugger. I posted this in the serious news bit, but guess it got moved here... Anyhoo.

    In all seriousness, I wonder if you could make a commercial success with this fine vessel. I mean, it IS only 30 years old... Probably still goes pretty well.

    Wot JVB said - maybe anchor off Ibiza and make the deck one giant bloody dance floor.

    And when the DFMs ask where the chill room is, you just push em overboard