who wants to see the new jackass film?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by gwar_drill_pig_stab, Nov 4, 2006.

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  1. Sorry but Jackass is a pile of utter shite. I don't like the genre so to speak, but for some reason, Dirty Sanchez makes me p*ss myself. Saw it last night where Dainton stapled his nutsack to the table. Funny
  2. No. It's sh1t
  3. And there was me thinking Dirty Sanchez was a spin off from Jackass..................
  4. Stop thinking you fcuking tool.
  5. Wish you'd staple your fingers to a moving train, hopefully stop you typing such drivel.
  6. just trying to help folks try the south park stuff if jackass isnt your thing

    in favour of jackass their not welsh counterparts
  7. well i found the film funny :)
  8. Did someone mention Knoxville?
  9. Shove it up your arse.
  10. i think jackass is funny, but i think id rather see it at the cinema when it comes out, be more of a laugh (although i did watch the scene when his nob gets bitten by the snake, lol).
  11. its shite...utterly utterly useless...shite. its not even funny. just mindless.
  12. You can talk you mincing knobhead
  13. ladies, ladies what this has to do with jackass (other than the obvious) i don't know...might not be my place to say so but i'd rather get on thread and slag off the film...

    1, Is what I am saying funny or relevant?
    2, Is what I am saying contributing or of any interest to anyone with this circle of like minded people?

  14. Fcuk off.