Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cait, Dec 23, 2004.

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  1. I’m sat here in my vault with a million pounds of used bank notes and because it is the season of good will I want to give it away but…

    I want to know how far you would for one million pounds, how low would you sink? What is the worst thing you would do to get your hands on the cash?

    Here's a tame one for starters... for a million pounds would you lick the rim of a toilet at a truckers stop?
  2. Mmmmm I can see how this is going to spiral downwards at a rapid rate of knots.

    Reckon bernoulli will grot it up first, I'll refrain for a few moments :D
  3. I'd lick the rim of a truckers arrse!

    No not really, there are somethings I'd just never do!
  4. i would shag judy finnegan and let richard talk to me during the act.
  5. For a million I'd shag Richard!!!!!
  6. I'm struggling to think of anything that I wouldn't do for £1million.


  7. Not many htings I wouldn't do for a massive payday...

    I once had a discussion with a pal of mine, we were both sking at the time

    I asked him if he'd shoot his mum in the leg for £100,000, he replied for £150,000 he'd shoot her in the face :D
  8. Is that your final answer...>>>

    Ok BFG.... Would you, for one million pounds have a limb amputated?
  9. Would you watch your mum being gang fcuked by a team of midgets... while one of them gives you a sly one off the wrist?
  10. Id spend an hour with Jade Goody, any more time and u can shove your money

  11. Depends if you can choose the midgets and what sex is the one doing the wrist action?
  12. Id let cait give me a Bl0wjob.

  13. something tells me you'd have to pay her for that mate! :wink:
  14. Okay, would Cait give Skjold a BlOwjob for £1M?
  15. Yes and i'd still love him in the morning too :D

    MDN... for one million pounds would you drink the contents of a sanitary bin out the ladies toilets?